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Argument papers, Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriages have a high possibility of being broken because of lack of true love. Arranged marriages have no intimacy of love and affection it is based coercion and influences from parents, religion and family relationships. Mostly, arranged marriages break because most of the partners are influenced to enter into marriages as a result of fate. Some fate that contributes to arranged marriages includes becoming too old of age, lack of higher levels of education, social statuses such as being too less social to opposite mates as well as family situations and decisions made by family members (Myers, Madathil, & Tingle, 2005). Arranged marriages fail because they are planned within a very short period. The relationship influenced by third parties lack strong foundation because there is no time for understanding each other. Arranged marriages result in break-ups because couples do not have time to share emotions. Couples lack initial encouragements, support, and assurance that they were getting before getting married. Arranged marriages are just as a result obligations, the pressure to tolerate others. Arranged marriage results to divorce to put an end to the unhappy family.

Arranged marriages affect several people mostly children because the couple's see children as a burden. None of the partners in arranged marriage seem to accept the responsibilities of bringing up children since the family affairs such quarrels, social differences, and victimization. In arranged marriages, children may feel insecure since the marriage plan is usually a contract between families but not individuals. The relationship is founded based on family background, financial status, reputation and hereditary characteristics. The agreement between couples is less valued thus leading to minimal family relations. Usually, third parties select mates based on their ways of thinking. Other people have a high probability of selecting qualities that do not favor either of the partners. Characteristics of a wife and husband can only be determined by particular mates that are interested in each other. A marriages partner should have a mother or a father characteristics valued by their partners. Partners should share same interests to develop a strong family. Life becomes too long while living with a wrong person resulting to lack of confidentiality, lack of satisfaction, lack of trust and lack of family comfort (Ingoldsby, 2000). The process of finding a soul mate should be a personal decision. However, lack of proper matching results to poor parenting causing children to suffer.
The principles that determine an arranged marriage includes money, high social status, sufficient life and stable economy. However, money, high social status, sufficient life and a stable economy are just necessary elements in a marriage but cannot be enough without true love, personal consent, and intimacy. Money, high social status, sufficient life and stable economy alone cannot maintain happiness in a family where there are disagreements, and divisions among partners. Money, high social status, sufficient life and stable economy can only bring people together temporarily for some days, some weeks, some months, or some years. However when money, high social status, sufficient life and a stable economy are no longer there is nothing to tie couples together, and the best option is to divorce. Mates live together because of acceptable intimacy emotions from the heart not from pressure resulting from obligation or social arrangements influenced by money and social status.
Arranged marriages result to the effective and efficient continuity of cultural practices. It is a fact that when marriage is arranged, it results in a total support from both sided of involved families. The new couples are assured of stability in life, material, and emotional, physical and spiritual support (Myers, Madathil, & Tingle, 2005). In arranged marriages, families involved have better terms and conditions, and therefore they encourage commitment among their partners. In arranged marriages, couples have low expectations from each other. Personal dreams and expectations do not fail since couples are inspired by their parents to support their spouses in case of difficulties. Arranged marriages guarantee total support from society especially religion and family members. It is a way of maintaining and retaining particular traits, beliefs and cultural practices thus making the interests of society higher and prevailing (Han, & Mayzin, 2013).
According to analysis, it is true that love is the most sensitive element in any relationship. Money, high social status, sufficient life and a stable economy are there to make life more comfortable and acceptable. True happiness, joy, and satisfaction are experienced where there is love. Arranged marriages are tribal based, race based and encourage tribalism, racism, discrimination, and apartheid thus cannot support social development and international collaboration. Arranged marriages are associated with very many disadvantages including violating human rights while forcing partners to engage in marriage relationships. It is associated with threats, broken relationships, as well as affecting children in the arranged marriage relationship. It is very clear that marriages should not be arranged in any circumstances. Arranged marriage culture should not be supported or practiced in societies.

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