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My knowledge on narratives was limited before I joined English Language program.  I really like creative and descriptive writing because it gives me a chance to express my inner most thought and imaginations.  I had a short stay in United Kingdom where I learnt to speak English. My three years stay in USA has also helped me improve spoken English. I have also stayed in English Language Program for one and a half years.

The previous writing instruction helped me to perfect my writing skills in term of use of tenses, word selection and other grammar issues.  This background helped me to fit in this program by giving me the necessary foundation to build on the instruction of this class.  

I choose the topic because of my close relationship with my relatives and especially my mother who have always been with me. The events of her illness shaped my belief system.  I managed to bring it to life through perfect sentence construction, wise choice of words and grammar rules.  My choice of vocabularies and phrases was also good. I have also managed to create a vivid picture in the mind of the reader through descriptive writing.

The writing center offered me one of the best opportunities to perfect my writing.  Through the skills and knowledge that I have gained in the program, I have been able to perfect my essay.    It has helped me identify some mistakes that I had constantly ignored such as use of comma and other punctuation marks. The class has also helped me a lot in signal clauses. Procrastination was one of the challenges I encountered in process writing.  I occasionally pushed some activities to some future date, which challenged in time management. 

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