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The rise and fall of consumer culture is an article by Erik Assadourian, which is an article with different reasoning and opinions which is believed to having shaped culture. According to this author, he presents his idea about how civilization can help in solving environmental problems. The author argues that, through saving human civilization, it will necessitate a radical revamp in our current culture which is the culture of consumerism. There are different things that the author focus on in the article which tends to reflect on his opinion about the role of countries in consumerism and the way it has affected today’s culture. Erik views consumerism as corruption and people should try to avoid it despite being something that people know it naturally (Assadourian, 2010).

Today, when people are growing up, we tend to be faced with different kinds of consumerism where advertisement in houses, cars, clothes, foods, and luxury items are normally put in front of us n a daily basis. The culture is what usually molds people in the manner that people act and think. According to this article, it indicates how people think that they are brought up in an environment where they believe that there are certain items that they should buy so that to survive.
We must understand that it is an act of survival and people need to decide whether their consumerism is a necessity or if it extends to the desires and wants beyond need. In regards to today’s life, the article, indicate that humanity tend to use 1/3 more than the capacity available on earth. Today, a key stimulator to consumerism is the media which people have been adapting to take the knowledge in as it is from the media that people learn about items that are being sold (Assadourian, 2010).



Assadourian, E (2010). The rise and fall of consumer cultures World Watch Institute

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