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Announcing an Additional Employee Benefit Featured

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Announcing an Additional Employee Benefit


TO: All Employees

FROM: Director of Human Resources

RE: Additional Employee Benefit

DATE: (Insert Date)

I am announcing an additional employee benefit package plan for new and current employees. I understand we have employees who provide care to the aging people in the age of 65 years and above. The company wants to make it clear that the employee will have enough time to take care of their relatives based on the company’s rules and regulations that define every employee’s duties and activities. My human resource office in the next few weeks will provide information and referral services for long term assisted living and elderly day care or nursing care.

In the mean time, I will list the names and address of those people who are willing for part timer or full timer as care givers. I suggest that every benefit named in this plan will help the company provide services to customers in an effective manner and at the same time allow employees have enough time for their activities. In the next one week, I will sponsor seminars on ways of dealing with elderly parents, which will cover, on how to use a nursing facility forms when needed.

My office has decided to develop a new policy which will allow employees to use their personal time off plus sick time so as to provide care to any family member. I want to make it clear that employees must notify supervisors in advance about their absence and must follow up and make up the time later in the month. The office has provided an opportunity for those who want extra time, but they will only be allowed to take unpaid leaves for a maximum of 15 months and they can resume their positions when they are through. The employee policy is scheduled to take effect in the next month.

Director of Human Resources

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