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Mentoring Relationship



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In the development of relationships, the ultimate rationale and guiding element is the fact that the parties that are involved in that relationship should be able to gain from the fact that they are in any form of relationship. In the attainment of this attribute, guidance rates high as one of the attributes that characterize a good relationship. In the guidance, I would expect that the other party offers a direction in which we can follow in attaining the desired. Additionally, constructive criticism is additionally a vital attribute that should be evident in the relationship. Criticism by the other party should not only be meant to put me down and only look at the shortcomings (Eby, 2010). The criticism should encompass correcting me when I have swayed away from the rightful path and offering direction to the right path and also acknowledging the instances that I have done well.

An effective relationship should be one that is characterized by positive feedback in that the emphasis should not always be on the negative attributes but the positive ones as well. It is common to find that most of the reaction one gets from the partners relates to the negative attributes with minimal emphasis on the positive elements, an attribute that leads to frustration in relationships.  The outcome of such a relationship is that the frustration grows to an extent that the relationship cannot be sustained and thus leading to their demise. Additionally, the person I would like to be in a relationship with is one that leads by example, not saying one thing just to be heard and doing another that is totally divergent (Eby, 2010). Practicing what one speaks is a vital attribute in any relationship as it makes it possible to develop value and genuineness among the parties to the relationship.


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