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Logic Essay
Logic and common sense are used in similar situations. The two aspects are in some point similar to each other. This has made them become used as ways of reasoning in order to develop the best decisions in a situation. For instance, we have the knowledge to know what is meant by wet, what rain results to, the color of milk, and that fire can cause damage if exposed in the wrong way. So it stands to make a reason that if you stand in a place that is raining you are going to become wet or if you stand in a place where there is fire you are going to get burnt. I difficult situations, humans use the concepts of logic in solving problems in a progressive manner. Progressive steps are applied in developing sound decisions to given arguments or situations that are technical, (Herreid, 2010).

I think it is vital and relevant to study logic in human life simply because it allows or creates an environment suitable to come up with progressive strategies of solving problems in our life. The scientific method is a good example why humans should learn the concept of logic. In the scientific method, researchers and experimenters use a set of steps in hypothesizing a conclusion and later conduct an experiment that allows them to prove the truth or error of the situation they had developed in the beginning.
It is with no objection that ability that humans have in using logic and reason helps them extensively, (Herreid, 2010). This is because we could be having an environment where we tend to believe everything or anything that come across our life without thinking or testing about its existence. In old days, humans thought that the world was in a flat state. This indicated that when one sail for too far in a single direction he will simply fell off. It is with the help of reasoning and logic humans were able to understand and know that the world was not flat but round. The line of sight was the sole reason for the effect of something that seems to disappear when it is seen from far, (Herreid, 2010).

There are kinds of mistakes that might occur in a place where humans are not properly exposed to careful study of logic in the reasoning context. The kind of mistake in such a situation is referred as the fallacy. The application of a nonexistence principle or the incorrect application of a valid logical principle is the logical fallacy, (Herreid, 2010).

Herreid, C. (2010). The Scientific Method Ain't What It Used to Be. Journal of College Science Teaching, 39(6), 68-72

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