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Scientific Hypothesis
Jane will have a wedding in less than ten weeks. Jane’s wedding is estimated in less than ten weeks. Jane’s remaining wedding preparation will take nine weeks and four days. Therefore, Jane will wed in less than ten weeks. Evidence shows that Karl Popper’s disconfirming a hypothesis strategy is the best and effective approach of providing hypothesis results. Although the method is much better compared to confirming hypothesis approach, I think if you combine the two strategies you will end up with effective results, (Kataria, 2012).

The approach of Karl Poppers hypothesis strategy uses modus tolens in the process of scientific hypothesis, falsifying, and disconfirming. If you want to develop a testing hypothesis strategy, you should be effective and thorough in order to arrive at sound results. The tow strategies are applicable in the testing of hypothesis but works at different ways in developing maximum testable evidence situations. In testing the above hypothesis, I have developed; anyone can apply any method simply because it will result to the same findings. Alternatively, the hypothesis can be tested by contacting the wedding planner to confirm whether Jane is a wedding in less than ten weeks, (Kataria, 2012).


Kataria, M. (2012). The role of scientific hypothesis: Evidence on cognitive bias in formation of beliefs. Journal of Socio-Economics, 41(4), 364-369. doi:10.1016/j.socec.2012.04.005

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