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Should Physician Assisted Suicide Be Legal Featured

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Physician assisted suicide is something that has created a controversial situation for the past few decades. The topic is still being debated in the current setting simply because it creates a lot of ethical questions that at times lack answers. There are people who think that suffering occurs for a reason thus assisted suicide should not be allowed while there are those who believe that relieving suffering should always be the highest priority. It is clear that most people think nothing about their death and how they will die given that they were in a terminally ill condition. Thousands of people die every day where they encounter a lot of pain. These people only get some medications that assist them ease the pain, but in the end they die having suffered from pain which could have been controlled. Assisted suicide or euthanasia should be legalized in order to assist people die a peaceful death because at the end of the day they will die.

Arguments for
It is true that there are people who have class and they would not like to suffer while dying. There are those people who have a right to their death thus physicians should assist them in dying. It is the work of the government to maximize the happiness of its citizens thus at some instances it should allow assisted suicide for patients who do not want to suffer. Death should be taken as an option like the many options we have and choose in life. People are allowed by nature to decide what is right and what is wrong depending on the situation they are, (Nyholm, 2010). Evidence shows that in life people are allowed to make choices of their life such as taking alcohol, taking tobacco, and many more provided they are aware of the consequences that will occur in the end. It should be the same case with the issue of assisted suicide. As long as the person is of sound mind and knows the result, I believe that euthanasia should be legalized and given to those who want. It should be much better if we allow terminally ill patients to have options about their life thus physicians should assist them in any way they want their life end, (Dowbiggin, 2009).

Legalizing physician assisted suicide will allow medical practitioners to pursue their primary role in a healthcare setting and in society. It is with no doubt that different patients suffer in different ways thus health care environment should have different options to think on how to assist their patients. Legalizing physician assisted suicide will help physicians pursue their role in the society simply because they will have the opportunity to give their clients as many options for ending their life, (Sayers & Bethell, 2011). The current situation in health care undermines some of physician’s role in providing services to patients because alleviating pain by means of assisted suicide is not taken as an option. Seeking ways of helping patients to have a continued life is not the only option that should be focused. Assisting patients to reduce their patient should also be an active option and this should only be arrived at if we legalize the aspect of assisted suicide. The objectives of treatment in healthcare are to alleviate or eliminate pain and discomfort that occurs due to illness. Physician assisted suicide should be allowed in order to help physicians pursue and practice their role in the society, (Nyholm, 2010).

There are eminent people who lived a life which was happy. This happiness should be extended even when they are dying. Having this in mind, death should be a form of happiness to those who want to have a smooth death that has no pain. For the benefit of terminally ill patients, physician assisted suicide should be legalized. We have those people who feel they have some status quo and would like to have a dignity life all way through. No need to have such a person suffers from pain 24 hours for more than 6 months. It is the work of the healthcare setting to review the current policy and see on how to help terminally ill people escape from the condition of unbearable pain. There are some illness conditions that cannot be treated with painkillers such as when cancer enters into your bones. In such a case, assisted suicide is the only option simply because the person will eventually die. This is the reason why the current policy should be reviewed and allows the legalization of assisted suicide in order to help patients escape from the unbearable pain, (Dowbiggin, 2009).

Arguments Against

There are those people who believes that life is God given and no one have power on deciding on when, how, and in which ways should one end his life expect God the giver of life. If assisted suicide is legalized it will contributes to the violation of medical ethics., Based on the Hippocratic Oath that physicians take when graduating, no one is allowed to give deadly medicine to patients who asks for it. It forbids in the involvement of taking fees for teaching medicine or something that is related to suicide as long as the person is breathing or is in life. Another thing is that if physician assisted suicide when legalized will undermine the trust between patient and doctor. The main belief of society is that doctors are there to preserve life and heal, not to assist patients die on request or not. It is the obligation of doctors to build on this trust by developing an environment where patients feel comfortable when getting assistance from the doctor. Doctors should try not to do anything that is illegal for the purpose of assisting their clients, and since assisted suicide is not legal, it should not be practiced at all levels, (Sayers & Bethell, 2011).


In some instances, we make decisions that are favorable to our life because everyone wants a dignity life. Terminally ill clients should be given chance to make decisions about their life and decide on how they want to die. The government should have some set strategies, and rules on assisting those who are sick and legalizing assisted suicide is one of the ways of helping patients. It is true that the only way for certain patients with critical health conditions is to go for death option. Although we should not stand by that argument that everything should be free for everyone, in matters of life and pain, patients should be given a choice to decide on what they want and how they want to die.

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