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The technology of touch
The video demonstrates on the development of technology in the current health care setting, in the society. Katherine Kuchenbecker reveals the importance of touch in the healthcare setting. She tells how the technology of touch can be implemented in the growth of healthcare. She introduces herself as someone who is well informed in matters of mechanical engineering and also she has been able to examine the concept of technology and touch in health care setting. Kuchenbecker says that cameras have the potential to capture the appearance of an object, but they cannot capture or record how it feels to touch. Evidence shows that humans have two areas of touch that they use in their everyday activities. These components are vital in human life simply because they help them in determining how thing feels, (Belaval, 2012).

In explaining how it is vital, she asks if there exist any method to improve technology, like machines and computers by way of touch. Kuchenbecker talks about haptics which is the study of touch technology and how it can be used in health care setting. According to Kuchenbecker’s explanation, there are several technologies that can explain the illusion of touch. This befits sports training, video games, medical fields, museums, and online shopping among others.
She gives an example of medical situation where she argues that, in the practice of dentistry, it might be difficult for new dentists to engage in activities of feeling a cavity condition having rarely engaged in such a situation before feeling. Instead of engaging in activities of learning a human patient, the video suggests that the dentists can decide to use ‘haptography’ in feeling how the cavity feels with the help of dental tools. In summing up the discussion, Kuchenbecker says that technology will be relevant in future where it will be used to tackle patient’s problems. Kuchenbecker has developed an informative talk that gives the relevance of implementing touch in technology for human use, (Kuchenbecker, 2012).

Kuchenbecker’s talk about the concept of the technology of touch has developed something vital and relevant in our society although most people have not been about to point it out. Although she has demonstrated how relevance touch is, she has not mentioned how society is in need of the touch technology. It is with no doubt that although we are in a world of technology, most technology have not gone to the use of sense of touch. Kuchenbecker reminds us how we use touch in our everyday activities but have failed to incorporate the sense of touch in the healthcare setting. Technology in the modern health care helps physicians to diagnose patients and at the same time provide them with proper treatments and care required for their healing, (Belaval, 2012).

Although implementation and incorporation of technology in healthcare has a lot of advantages, it has also some negative impacts. Technology may be expensive at times making it difficult to implement. Another thing is that technology in the modern health care setting may not be compatible to all the needs of the healthcare facility thus fail to provide the required services. It may also raise security and ethical concerns about patient’s information. Implementation of technology in healthcare requires extra training and money in order to make it effective, (Belaval, 2012).


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