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Pinter smoothie Sensation and Gourmet Coffee Cyber Café are a shop that offers smoothie and coffee services. The feasibility study of Pinter Cyber Café was conducted in duration of seven weeks. A careful analysis of market, operational, economic viability, and the support required for the venture were developed. The accurate budget has been developed for the purpose of practicality and feasibility of this study. The purpose of Pinter Cyber Café includes providing tasty nutritious smoothie services to its customers and helps them use internet services for their needs. Customers will be able to enjoy a cup of smoothie and coffee while accessing the internet as well as hire internet knowledge and experience in a comfortable setting. The cyber café will serve people of all backgrounds and ages by providing them an innovative environment that other shops can’t afford.

Mission and Vision of Pinter
Pinter cyber café wants to become the best smoothie and coffee shop in the region. Our goal is to ensure that customers are satisfied with coffee and smoothies services at any time. The company aims at establishing an environment where people can spend their time and accomplish their activities without hurry. We want to create smoothing that will provide enjoyment services, provide innovate services, and education to the interested parties.

Purpose of Service/Product

Pinter cyber café will offer services such as introductory services to internet usage, scanning, printing, and internet application services. We shall also provide Usenet, FTP, www services, and email services. On the side of smoothie and coffee section, customers will enjoy innovative and unique environment for bakery items, sandwiches, smoothies, specialty beverages, teas, and coffees. Printer cyber café will be serving a perfect product and services to customers at a reasonable price at all time. The cyber café will develop an environment where students in college can socialize with experts and learn new things that assist them understand their surroundings, (Shen, et al. 2010).

Product Limitations

There are a number of limitations that are associated with the product that the firm will provide to the customers. The shelf life of food items, perishable items, bakery goods, smoothie blends, and dairy products is some of the limitations. Other limitations are the installation of refrigerators, coolers, blenders, and coffee espresso machines. Providing latest computer technology services such as high speed internet, printing, and scanning services are some of the limitations of development of the firm. The firm may fail in providing powerful software applications and efficient internet connection services to its clients, (Islam & Jahan, 2012).
Basic market
SWOT Analysis
• Friendly and skilled staff; At Pinter cyber café, we have gone to a point of hiring and training individuals who have passion for sharing and teaching internet skills. The firm has eager and skilled staff.
• Upscale ambiance; those who visit the firm always have a feeling of the technology around them. The environment around Pinter cyber café is well developed in such a way that customer’s feel that they are in the right place. We use high quality cappuccino machines as well as glass pastry display that entices refreshments to the clients. Pinter cyber café has large round tables that create a suitable environment for friendly meetings and gathering.
• Pinter cyber café has the best vision of the market need. We understand what it takes to develop and build a suitable cyber café with required equipments and services. We understand the technology we know the clients, and we understand on how to develop and build an environment that will bring and serve the two together.
• We use state of the art equipments. Part of Pinter cyber café experience is developed by state of the art computer accessories that individuals see when they pay a visit to that place. We use high quality printers, fast machines for surfing, and clients enjoy beautiful flat screen displays.


• Adaptability on the quick changing technology; the firm is a place that offers services to individuals who want experience on internet and technology. Evidence shows that technology in the current world change now and then. Since product lifecycles due to technology are developed and measured in weeks, the firm has to establish a well laid strategy on keeping in a move of the technology.
• High cost of maintaining and keeping the state of the art; cost factor is another weakness towards the firm simply because Pinter cyber café has to ensure that it is in line with the technology of the internet. This is an expensive experience to the firm which should always be met. In order to survive and establish a well defined market, Pinter has to balance technology needs with other aspects of the shop in order to retain clients. It is clear that the shop will not sacrifice one aspect for the benefit of the other, (Cateora, et al., 2009).


• Growth of internet users on a daily basis; it is clear that the relevance of internet in the current society is almost the same with that of phone. The need for the services offered by Pinter cyber café will increase as the population of clients in use increases.
• The social bond is fostered by the current internet settings. Unlike any other communication media in the world, internet has been rated the best and fastest means that bring people together from across the world. The firm will utilize and work on this aspect where it will create an environment that allows local and small internet users to meet and share their skills in person. It is through establishing community programs, and chat areas Pinter cyber café will have created a growth strategy. All programs and chat areas developed by the firm will have sole thought of building and improving customer loyalty.


• The rapid decrease in the cost of internet usage; the cost of using the internet in the current times is dropping at a steady pace. According to the current status, it is clear that internet access in the near future will become affordable and cheap that individuals will have no need to pay for its access. Pinter cyber café is aware of the situation and has in it some strategies on monitoring pricing conditions all through.
• Development of local competitors.; In the current time, the company is enjoying the market and taking advantage of the local Pinter cyber café market services. Competitors are developing where the company needs to be prepared for these companies entry into the market. Programs that are used by the firm will have to be established and developed in a way that it suits needs of the clients and build customer loyalty. Our upscale ambiance and quality services won’t be easily established and duplicated.

Marketing Strategy

Product and service position of the cyber café will be clear. This is the initial step into the market situation where the step is required to be fresh in order to establish consumer’s awareness of the product and service brand image.

Product strategy

The firm will combine the coffee services and internet services of competitors that will attract more clients into the firm. At the same time, the internet services offered by Pinter cyber café must be diversified. To enhance the added value if internet services, strategies have been established for this purpose and on how to improve services required to cater for the client’s needs.

Price Strategy

Pinter cyber café will have the best price for its clients. The price will always be relatively suitable than competitors. We shall use very simple and effective approach in pricing services. This will enable customers use services and products of the firm as compared to those of competitors. Pinter cyber café will have a flat rate depending on the nature of services a customer gets from the firm. The pricing process of our services and products will always be fair and attractive as compared to the one of the competitors, (Kingston, 2011).
Sale Channels

The firm will use different sales channels in advertising its products and services to the customers. We shall publicize services and products through the traditional direct approach of marketing. With the help of our qualified staff, we shall develop a corporate website in which clients will be able to make their inquiries and also online orders. Pinter cyber café will also be able to establish a promotion system in which law materials will be delivered. We shall be co-marketing our products and services with the help of other places such as offices that surrounds the café. Our sales will be unique and useful to the users in order to allow customers satisfy their needs at one place without looking services or products to another place. We shall always focus on the use and development of the latest technology in establishing our sales channels for the purpose of reaching a good number of clients, (Islam & Jahan, 2012).

Promotional Strategy

To achieve brand awareness and stimulate the early order of consumers, the firm will provide free coffee services to some clients. Extra technology services such as binding and scanning will be offered for free to some clients at specified intervals for the purpose of advertising. A cumulative system of ordering approach will be used in the determination of promotion after determining the cost of services and products that will be offered to the client. The action focuses at consolidating the existing client awareness and then expands the impact and brand, which assist to quickly dominate and grab market share from the competition from the upcoming competitors. So as to stimulate the loyalty and spending frequency of customers, we shall in the promotion process, consider the accumulated awards for the online users, by looking at the consumption level and determine on the type or nature of gifts to be awarded to the customer, (Lei, 2009).

Advertising Strategy

The nature of advertising in an organization plays a vital role in the development of the firm. Some firms fail simply because they use poor methods of advertising their products and services thus they are unable to reach the target population in the right manner. In this case, we shall use online advertising approach were we shall post our products and services in the firm’s website. Clients who use internet services from us will have an opportunity to see what the company has for them and at what prices. Our team of staff we always use and wear uniform when providing services so that customers can recognize them at any time. We shall always maintain a certain level of promotions in order to award customers who help us improve and develop our services. Our firm will collect contact information to our esteemed clients where we shall always update and inform them on the advancement of the company. The contact information will also be used to get and deliver offers to customers who are unable to come into our business, (Cateora, et al., 2009).

Economic viability
PESTEL Analysis
The current technology development and globalization of economies, there is a chance of a prolonged economic stability. Slight fluctuations of economic growth will not affect the business development because there are no indications of war. People are not scared about any shortage of food thus they will spend more on luxuries simply because they want to know more about technology and we shall have an opportunity to experience an increase in the population of users who seek services and products from us. The profit margin of the firm will not be affected simply because individuals are willing to spend more on advancing their skills and knowledge in the area of technology, (Islam & Jahan, 2012).


The possible economic stableness due to technology development means high level of customers. Individuals will want to explore more, and thus an increase in the economy will be experienced where people are going to spend more. This shows that the economic nature of the environment will favor in the development of the business. The need for improving technology skills will hike the prices of the technology services hence increase the revenue of the business at any time. Revenue of the firm this time will not depend on people with high incomes rather it will be as a result of all interested in improving their technology skills.


There are certain social issues that may impact the growth and development of the cyber café. Unsocial behavior and noise pollution from customers and the surrounding will pose some threats to the cyber café. Although such issues may arise, most people will focus on their own business thus the business will require no bouncers rather a strict management that monitors moves of the customers. Installation of CCTV cameras will be required in order to minimize the anti social behaviors of the customers.


Pinter cyber café will install the latest equipments in order to provide the required services to the customers. In order to establish a well and defined environment, the business will have to use the latest technology. This will allow the firm to operate effectively and manage to emerge the best among those in the same industry. The Pinter cyber café will have to determine the quality of equipments used in the development of the business so as not to interfere with the expected profit margins. It is the work of management to ensure that qualitative factors have been balanced out with quantitive factors at all times, (Kim, et al., 2012).


A cyber café license will be required before the business starts to operate in order to make it legal. Certain laws such as employment, burning, and internet use will be obtained in advance before the business starts its operations. Wages of the firm will be higher simply because the company will only hire employees who are over eighteen years.


The firm will have to evaluate on all issues that might be related with social issues. Noise and litter pollutions are dangerous to the development of the firm thus proper actions should be taken by the management in order to curb and minimize the impacts that may be developed by these issues. We shall use litter bin at areas where dirt may be littered.

Support Needed for the Venture

In order to establish this business, skilled, friendly, and knowledgeable staff is required in order to run all activities required in the development of the business. Without proper and trained staff, the business venture will not grow and develop, and that is why before starting its operations, the Pinter cyber café will have to establish and train employees. Another thing required is the state of the art equipments for the purpose of making the business unique. Evidence shows that technology is increasing rapidly thus in order to establish a well defined business, a state of the art equipment is required in order to attract, retain, and serve clients in the best way possible. Clean vision of the market required is another vital thing for the business because it will help the cyber café define its operations. It should know its customers and technology required so as to develop proper strategies that create an environment that bring customers and technology together. In other words, strengths are part of the support needed for the venture, (Cateora, et al., 2009).

A proper business plan, which is defined, is also part of the support needed. I believe that a focused business should have a business plan that helps the management work on the vision, goals, mission, and objectives of the organization. Planning for growth, developing operating and control systems, preparing to operate budgets, conducting an in-depth consumer and market research, and creating organizational and management structure all depends on the appropriative of the business plan that has been established. The cyber café will not require to license its service/products simply because it is in an open market where there are similar firms operating the same business. Capital will also be part of the support required for the venture simply because there is no way a business may start without capital. The selected management will oversee operations of the firm and establish proper strategies and committee to account for the expenses before the firm starts to realize its profits, (Kingston, 2011).

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