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Her BMI is 26.7. Her level of disease risk is relatively low because she is slightly overweight. However, other measurements such as cholesterol level and distribution of fat would be necessary to conclude on her disease risk level. Her daily energy need is 1973 calories while her energy requirement is approximately 1700.

This values slightly differ from the one provided in the table. The difference could be due to the fact that the figures presented in the table are for standard individuals. This creates a deficient of approximately 300 calories in a day. In order to lose 1 pound in a week, Tonya needs to lose 250 calories in a day. 2 pound per week is not realistic given her sedentary life style and her choice of physical activities. The target would put much pressure on her.

The amount of calories she would burn walking 305 mph is 231 calories given that she was walking at a slow pace and on a level ground. Given that, in an hour, she is losing 231 pounds, in a week she would lose 1617 calories. This

In order to avoid feeling hungry, Tonya should consume high fiber diet. High fiber diet provides physical satisfaction without adding the total calories consumed. Tonya should also consume whole grain foods instead of consuming highly refined products. Whole grain foods are high in fiber and take a longer time in the digestive system thereby providing physical satisfaction. Tonya may also adjust her eating frequency to small frequent meals instead of eating three main courses. In order to reduce her consumption of soft drinks, Tonya may choose to drink fresh fruit juices or consume fresh fruits.

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