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Power Protein and Real Food Protein

The Khali muscle protein advert shows a group of body builders discussing their love for protein as they drink down their protein shakes. Each of the body builders vows they love for protein. However, watching from a distance are two men enjoying their protein snack as well.  The difference is that the two men are enjoying real food protein comprising of tender chicken, guacamole and corn sauce.  At the end of the 37 seconds clip, viewers are no doubt left with several pointers in mind.  First, there is the obvious indicator that protein is very important.  Second, there is the realization that there are alternatives to accessing the protein.  There is the common protein shake that the body builders are drinking and there is the real protein that can be consumed directly from high-protein foods.

As the advertisement indicates, proteins are indeed important for the effective functioning o the body.  Proteins enhance metabolic activism in the body.  Moreover, every cell of the body requires protein for effective functioning.  Proteins are also critical for the building of muscle mass as evident in the advertisement.  The question, therefore, remains is it better to take protein shakes or real protein foods.  Real-protein foods comprise of all natural foods that individuals can access from their foods.  In the advertisements, there are two men enjoying a taco bell that is rich in protein. The taco bell contains protein as it comprises of real chicken.  Other natural sources of protein include fish, beef, eggs and raw dairy products.  The secret to eating real food protein is ensuring that the food is organic. Organic foods are foods that are natural such as beef from grass-fed cows, and eggs and poultry from organic and age-free chicken.

 The alternative to real protein foods is protein supplements such as protein shakes.  Proteins shakes have become popular and are the ideal choice for athletes, body builders and people going to the gym. Protein shakes have become common because of the convenience hey provide.  Unlike real protein that has to be cooked, protein shakes are easy to prepare within the shortest time.  Most of the shakes come in powder form and only requires the user to mix the powder with water to get the final product.  Protein shakes are also preferred because they are absorbed quickly into the muscles.  The real protein food has to be chewed and digested before the amino acids are transported to the muscle.

  In contrast, protein shakes to get to the muscle within thirty minutes. In the advertisement, the group taking the protein shakes has huge muscles evidence that their protein shakes are effective.  In contrast, the two men eating the real protein are average sized. Therefore, for a person wishing to develop muscle, the protein shake would offer the fastest results. Protein shakes also have little to no calorie and fat content.  In the advertisements, the two men enjoying their taco are also eating starch from the wrapping of the taco as well as fat from the guacamole.  However, the body builders may be consuming the right amount of protein, but they could be missing out on essential fats and fiber.

 The video fails in passing any relevant information on the consumption of real protein over protein shakes. The body builders stand out for the most part of the advertisement, and the advertisement for the real protein in taco takes a few seconds.  In fact, it is easy for any viewer to assume that the video is about body building.  It is only that the body builder's persistently repeated the word “protein” that viewers realize that it is an advert about protein and not fitness.  It is also at the end of the advertisements that the issue of protein is explained further with the revelation that the first group is taking milkshakes while the second group is taking real protein foods.  The decision to take protein shakes over real protein foods is a personal decision.  However, it is best that an individual consumes natural protein and use the milkshakes as a booster after rigorous activity such as the gym. Protein shakes provide drinkers with the immediate protein they need.  However, the body needs more than just protein for optimal performance.  The body needs carbohydrate, vitamins and essential fats for optimal functioning.  Protein shakes can, therefore, just serve as supplements when an extra boost I needed and not a total replacement of the natural proteins as found in animal and dairy products.  Unfortunately, the video does a poor job of convincing viewers that natural protein is the best alternative.  For instance, the portrayal of all-muscled men can leave viewers wondering if milkshakes guarantee muscle build.  Similarly, not everyone wants to have bulgy muscles like those in the advertisements.  On the other hand, the taco bell may leave viewers wondering if the emphasis was on the taco or the all natural protein.  An advert showing a person eating a whole chicken would make sense for an all natural protein than a taco that has calories, salt, and fats that health fanatics strive to avoid.

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  June 16 2017

Analysis Essay


Apple TV (2015) and Google Android TV

                             This analytical essay compared the Apple TV and Google Android TV which are part of the busy market of television streaming devices. This analytical essay of Android TV versus Apple TV discusses their features, streaming services, and features of these devices. The Apple TV first started in 2007 when Apple decided to launch the Apple TV as a much easier way of shifting content from iTunes library to the TV device. Since then Apple has undertaken several revisions as well as refinements to now offering a comprehensive media streaming service. On the other hand, Android TV is a product of Google introduced recently accompanied by the upcoming operating system, known as Android L. Android TV is the successor of Google TV which was the first attempt by Google to include internet smart as part of televisions. Recently Google introduced the device called the Chromecast, which is a dongle of HDMI that can stream YouTube videos and other service providers.

                             The future of Apple TV has always been a subject of discussion mainly with the introduction of a new one. The Apple TV (2015) is real regarding its beauty and ability to transform how one uses his or her living room. The new gaming and stream box from Apple could be one of the last boxes to install into your home of entertainment. The Apple TV is much heavier and taller compared to its old version. It is noticeable for it stands as 35 mm high with 12mmm taller compare to the Apple TV of the third generations. It is 153g heavier than the old Apple reaching a scale of 425g.

                              Apple TV of the fourth generation has a dual-core processor of A8, 2GB of RAM, with either 64 or 32 GB storage and also has an HDMI port of 1.4. The modern Apple TV can be connected to a local wireless network or television, thus, making it easy to stream MAC content to the television through the Airplay.  It shows that Apple TV is not just limited to iTunes. Apple TV can stream just any aspect of your Mac as well as provide a whole display.

                             Apple TV enables streaming the content directly from any iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone. The Apple TV has several Apps that enables one top stream direct content from iPad or iPhone App to the TV such as the BBC iPlayer. Games can also use the Apple TV to display actions while the controls are displayed on the iOS device. Other inbuilt apps of the Apple TV can work with video services such as YouTube, SKY News, Sky Sports and Netflix.

                              The Google Android TV is an attempt by Google to compete with Apple TV. It is a set-top box with enhanced Television features that support online browsing and YouTube. Google TV is markedly devices that come with a remote keyboard and not a remote control just like other regular TVs. The Android TV is an aspect of the upcoming Android L software update that enables developers to establish apps for TVs. The Android TV just like the Apple TV is an entertainment interface, but it is not a computing platform. Android TV is also simpler than Apple TV but still, offers a magical experience. It meant to enable users to enjoy and find apps and connect with the least hassle and friction.

                              Android TV also features a small remote control like that of Apple TV that enables users to navigate through the interface and avoid users from having input any text manually. Instead, Google aims to make users use the voice interfaces when they have to input text. Thus the addition of voice interaction is an element not found in Apple TV. Apple TV is one of the most comprehensive devices, but it still has its shortcomings when compared to iOS devices like pad and iPhone. The most noticeable omission with Apple TV is the ability to install and download apps.

                             When one considers Chromecast to offer the same functions as Airplay, then Android TV provides the other half of the experience of Apple TV which is apps that enable the streaming of content direct from supporting devices. The performance regarding quality depends on the hardware Google and its partners. The biggest challenge facing Chromecast and Apple TV is the wide range of other devices... the one advantage that Android TV has over the Apple TV is that Apple controls the app development on Apple TV while Google is opening up its Android TV to a larger developer community. Such as step has the possibility of resulting to a raft of apps for Android TV such as the BBC player native app. that is not supported directly in Apple TV although the support of Airplay is still perfectly efficient.


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Analysis Essay

Apple TV (2015)
The United States Apple company has remained among the leading Smartphone producers and other digital associated appliances. The iPhone product outlined the future of the mobile development regarding application integration towards enhancing human life. However, the Apple TV has been through the transition, and the fourth generation of the Apple TV which was realized in 2015 is measured in regards to gauging as to whether the Apple iPhone apps can be done the same for the television. In the recent years, the Apple TV was majorly used for watching movies and possibly the TV shows mostly at home. The good presentation and elimination of cabling by the iPhones and iPads which enabled people to enjoy iTunes, Netflix and possible Airplay from the nearest or local network seemed not enough. The company noted the demand and deed from the clients whose demands are ever changing and they had to provide an advanced modern TV set box. The push for the same was the building block for the iOS foundations development which has the platform for the iPhones and iPads and currently containing the platform for the fourth generation Apple TV.
Based on the video displayed, it is clear from the graphics that the fourth generation Apple TV is amazing and contains what the current generation has wished to have after waiting for that long. The focus is taken on the remote which is enthusiastic in the hands of the user. It makes the user feel the controller of the Television from the word go. Nevertheless, there is a good display of eth various application that has been integrated within the Apple TV set box which takes the mind of the view to another level of feeling at the highest level of enjoyment. The few individuals displayed showed how relaxed they were and how they were enjoying the digital appliance.
The most interesting thing within the video is the displays that are provided prior the use of the remote, and this outlines the Apple TV Remote capability which dominates the video. It can be observed from the glance how the remote is used to switch from one application to the other. In particular, the home button has the great control over the TV. According to the response that is experienced when the button of the glass surface of the remote is touched, it indicates the smoothness and good connectivity that exist through the Bluetooth app. It is just enticing to use the remote with same having the capability of responding to the voices and providing the necessary directives of the same as per the desires of the viewer. The entire episode outlines the existence of the remote-controlling capability prior the switching and navigating through programs and application as per the wish of the remote controller.
Various programs are available within the Apple TV and just beyond the unimaginable capability, the fact that the TV connects to the global network; a view can capture the content of a program by recording or navigating through to have the synopsis of the story. All the powerful attributes have been displayed through the common movies and shows alongside the applications that most of the persons have embraced from the word go. It is indicated on how the view can have a comparison of the various programs or shows and choose the suitable and favorite. Also, if the viewers have different passions, have the capability of watching different programs on the same single Apple TV. Indeed, this fourth generation Apple TV provides the proof of the future developments. All these outlines observed capability and attributes of the Apple TV are facilitated and achieved with the single gadget the Apple TV Remote. The remote is such artificial intelligent in learning the possible best option for the viewer.

Perceived meaning
Various meaning can be derived from the video display from the basis of understanding how the technology is advancing regarding developing applications. The integration of the global network connectivity prior connecting to internet based application marks the improvement of how cabling communication is being outdone y the wireless communication. The fact that the viewer is ever after comfortability, various aspects as displayed by the graphics describes clearly how comfortability can be achieved and thus enhancing enjoyment.
The video deduces a lot of meaning. There is a common unverified principle of describing whether the world is flat. This mode of video description of the Apple TV provides a clear point of understanding how the Television can be used for a range of uses and thus making the world to be a small village that can be navigated within hours. The barriers towards using the application on certain hardware have been eliminated as indicated by the fact that there is the capability of accessing the various known mobile-only applications found on the iPhone and iPads. Subsequently, the point of how communication can be enhanced is displayed. The core meaning of the video is all about the world technology advancement and the push for more research and inventions and innovations.

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