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Alternatives to Replacing Oil Use Featured

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Describe at least two alternatives to oil that are currently available and discuss the barriers that keep these alternatives from replacing oil as our primary means of energy?

One of an alternative source of energy that may replace oil is a biochemical gas such as biogas. However, natural has not yet been used in place of oil since natural gas contains a small amount of energy compared to fuel like gasoline. Biochemical gas has been criticized due to the presence of weak infrastructure that requires expensive equipment for transportation. Leaking problems, invisibility, and high explosive characteristics make biochemical gas dangerous to be applied in daily operations (  Electricity is another alternative that can be applied on behave of oil. However, there is large and expensive technology required in the development of high power rechargeable batteries. Size and weight of machines required to store electric energy are directly proportional to the amount of energy required. Manufacturers require making electric vehicles which are very heavy due to huge batteries required (Turk, & Bensel, 2011).  Shocking and electrocution problems associated with electric energy reduce its direct implementation in daily lives.     

Additionally, utilizing at least two scholarly sources, discuss the role that government plays in ensuring a transition to such alternatives in a post peak-oil world?

Most government agencies are investing in researchers that can promote and improve electric and natural gas sources of energy to make them effective and efficient in providing energy. Funding and support combination of energies are being implemented to facilitate continuation of business operation


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The highest problem associated with natural gas is the presence of environmental complications such ground destruction through mining. Coal, on the other hand, is characterized by getting exhausted within a short period thus become unreliable for commercial use.  The US government is using strategies that ensure industries and business balances the application and utilization of energies ( 

Response 3

To prevent exhausting available energy sources such as coal and natural gas, other available sources of energy such as electric energy should be encouraged. Electric energy provides high level of reliability since it can be tapped from naturally occurring resources such as sunlight, the wind, running water, and recycling of materials. Hence electric energy provides the friendly human environment and environment-friendly (



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