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Pricing and Exchange Rates

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The article is about the impact that the refugees have on the European economies, with the overall assertion being that the net contributions that the migrants make to the fiscal wellness of the host countries are normally small compared to that of the natives as they pay fewer taxes. The assessment of the cost that Germany is going to foot due to the hosting of the refugees is relatively high, although articles argue that despite the additional spending, the German budget is going to grow by 0.3% of GDP. On the question of how the refugee influx affects the labor markets, the assertion is that it is insufficient or no evidence supporting the claim that refugees affect wages and employment of the native workers. The general state, however, is that the immigrants with a lower level of education as well as experience displace the native workers to occupations that have less manual work, with a higher level of specialization and remuneration.

On the claim that refugees increase the duration of waiting hours, the opposite is true with the case being that higher immigration in a region reduced the waiting duration for the outpatients. The assessment of demography and aging, it is evident that immigration exhibits a positive impact although it does not offer absolute shielding to an already aged population. The impact that immigration has on wages along with employment is on average although it is diminutive, with the impact on the public finances being that it is dependent on the original mode of admission. That impact that immigration has on the general growth of a region is highly dependent on the labor markets performance about the immigrants.

The assessment of the impact that other countries’ economies have had about their coping with immigration has led to the assessment of the economic sustainability of the other European countries in comparison to what has been happening in places like Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. These countries are close to Syria and experience massive immigration in the recent years. The case has seen the growth of the Lebanese real GDP by 205% irrespective of the negative impacts that the war in Syria has been causing regarding investment as well as tourism for their neighboring nations. According to the World Bank, the refugee influx into Lebanon has contributed to their growth as it has traversed to an increase in the demand for the local services, financed through savings, salaries, remittances as well as international humanitarian aid.

I agree with the assertion in the article that migration promotes the balancing of payments. According to the OECD, migrants have accounted for 70% of the growth in the workforce in Europe and 47% the US for the past ten years. Migrants further fill the vital niches in both the fast-growing and declining sectors of the economies of the host nations. It is additionally relevant to mention that just like the native-born, the young migrants are better educated that the hosts who are nearing retirement. In Europe, migrants have a superior impact on the flexibility of their labor market (OECD migration policy debates, 2014). It is additionally evident that migrants contribute more in the form of taxes as well as the social contribution that they receive in the form of benefits.

Yes, the findings of the article apply to the situation that is evident in the United States, with the most common and evident contribution being the reprieve to the aging population in the US. The aging population in the US is directly associated with lower productivity but with the injection of migrants to the economy, the country will get a momentary reprieve as they restructure their productions (OECD migration policy debates, 2014).


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