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Marketing 1 mix consists of 4ps; place , price , promotion and product . In 2 ( a , the ) place 3 ( \ )
we look at the point where the product is being displayed and sold to the customer . The price is
how much is the customer supposed to pay for the product and is the price proportional to the value
of that product . Promotion is the process of making the product known to the potential customers .
And the product is what you are selling it can be a good or a service , its satisfaction to the client is
what makes it be bought 4 .
Writing issues in this paragraph:
2 MissingArt
3 NoCommaWithIntrPhrase
4 Misuse
In the strategy of Lisa, she is out to attract seniors by starting with providing what they want .
Seniors need a quite place to take their meals . The need that has been achieved 1 is one
without forgetting that the other needs are equally important to the customer . The provision for a
friendly meeting place is a good strategy especially in meeting her clients . The seniors need such
environment to hold meetings with their business associates or family members . The social needs
are part of the needs that the customer requires . The customer needs a group to join and share
some information that is so personal , therefore , to such feeling of being cared and loved is hard to
be achieved by the restaurant . What are these benefits to be provided by the Mac Donald’s; here
the manager should specify these needs so that we can analyze them effectively .
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1 Misuse
The young members who are hooked to the restaurant are going to be frustrated as they will not
be able to blend with the old generation . The young people mode of living is quite different to
the older group , so the manager will take into consideration the process of retaining current
customers and the expenses of acquiring new customers . 1 In the real world acquiring new
customers to the process of making them loyal requires a lot of finance and commitment , while
retaining the current customer is good for profits and assurance . The manager should come up
with a strategy of accommodating the two groups in order to maintain their position and attract more
customers . It is cheaper to retain customers than to gain new ones (Neff, 2005).
Writing issues in this paragraph:
1 InformalSo
On gaining competitive advantage , we should see what factors they consider to favor them from
competitions . The advantages on fast food business ranges from; a clean environment , timely
services , professional staff , embracing technology, quality products and best customer services for
all guests . The standard of Mac Donald’s is big compared to other restaurants from the fact that it is
a worldwide known name , so it has the potential .
In sustainable revenue and profits , she is in the right direction . The culture with the seniors
once they have selected a place for their meals , they develop a personal relationship with the
establishment . This strategy will work well but after providing sufficient factors to beat your
competitors in the market . The seniors are big spenders compare to other groups in the population
as they have already invested a lot and other are using their pensions . So this group once attracted
and become loyal customers the restaurant will be able to achieve this point (Powers & Loyka
1 ( Lock, Look, Loyola, Loyal, Soya ) , 2010).
Writing issues in this paragraph:
1 General
The Mac Donald’s image is top the business is not bad as they have already established their target
market . The restaurant is in a position to attract this big group through its services and products .
The seniors are associated 1 with certain types of meals that can be used as a bait to attract
them and become royal customers . The image of the company is achieved 2 through customer
satisfaction . The satisfied customers help the company to make more profits , and they act as
agents for promoting and boosting the company name . The image of attracting the old part of the
population will not affect the business , but the seniors will get a friend who is ready to listen to their
needs and satisfy them.
Writing issues in this paragraph:
1 Misuse
2 Misuse
The manager has established a market and the target clients she should employee all the available
strategies in maintaining and attracting more clients to the company . The managers should
encourage the senior citizens because she has established a target of meeting their needs . In
the case study we see that she has the ability of meeting the level of customer satisfaction the
seniors need . Therefore , they have to devote their time to in provision of the services and products
needed by this group . The manager should develop unique services and products from the nearby
competitions so that she can create a good relationship with her clients . Increase of the customer
lifetime is important as the customers the feeling of being part of the restaurant team . The clients
will provide good information on how their products and can be improved to meet their needs .
In promotion offering , bingo games are fine ; however , the time and season should be selected
well so that it will be at the time when many seniors are available . Bingo should be done 1 on
specific time , or special occasions . During this special occasion like when many people are on
holiday so that most clients are out of pressure the experience at workplace. For a monthly
breakfast for 55 old and above is good but the time should be fixed and known . 2 Because
it can be difficult to do it when we have a full house due to resources and overcrowding which can
force customers to leave . The free breakfast should be a day when we do not have high turnover
as the history tell us, also ; the time should be limited 3 not a whole day but may be two or three
hours .
Writing issues in this paragraph:
1 Misuse
2 NoSubject
3 Misuse
In the marketing mix, I will touch on promotion . I will recommend through their database they see
the customers who frequent the restaurant on almost daily basis we over them some discount and
a free family dinner once in two months . This 1 will make them feel highly regarded as part of the
team . In another promotion activity is the happy hour which should be offered mostly on Fridays
when the seniors are out of offices going home . The seniors will frequent the restaurant on this day
knowing what they are expecting . The manager should take into consideration days like valentine
should provide something special for couples . Also , we will need to know some special occasions
of our customers like marriage anniversaries , birthday and other important days in their live so that
we can share with them. We can send flowers and cards .
Writing issues in this paragraph:
1 UnclearAntecedent
Neff, J. (2005). Rockin' and rolling in it : marketing-mix masters . Advertising Age, 76(48), 3-41. 1
Writing issues in this paragraph:
1 Fragment
Powers , T. L., & Loyka 1 ( Lock, Look, Loyal, Loyola, Soya ) , J. J. (2010). Adaptation of
Marketing Mix Elements in International Markets. 2 3 Journal Of Global Marketing, 23(1),
65-79. 4
Writing issues in this paragraph:
1 General
2 Citation audit
3 Fragment
4 Fragment

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