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This case describes the problems that are faced by Mr. Rutland as the founder of NJHF. The organization has achieved moderate success, but it has not yet attracted the required national recognition. The purpose for the establishment of NJHF was to establish and maintain archives, museum, and also concert center in Charlottesville. NJHF would sponsor jazz festivals, workshops, and scholarships and also promote other activities. These activities included great jazz artists, educating the public regarding the importance of Jazz in the American history and culture and serving jazz enthusiasts. The major problems presented in this case include raising funds for the project, organizing a professional team that can execute the project, and organizing marketing activities that will attract national recognition (Mantel & Meredith 2012).

Mr. Rutland is trying to acquire national recognition for this organization.  In order to get a solution to some of the problems that they were facing, Mr. Rutland decided to ask consultants for help. The consultants provide several suggestions that would be helpful in solving the problem. Some of the recommendation offered included that NJHF was to be professional in all of its services and communication. The executive director who would be appointed should have prior experience in direct mail, and fundraising and be committed and have a love for jazz. This executive director's responsibilities include organizing and coordinating fundraising activities, establishing a performance centre and museum, and also coordinating collection of memorabilia and many other artifacts. 

The consultant also recommended that it should promote NJHF at strategic locations in Charlottesville in order to attract visitors and tourists. The NJHF is also supposed to ensure frequent communication with the founding sponsors so as to keep their excitement and interests alive. Consultant also recommended launching a direct mail campaign to 100 000 people on Smithsonian Jazz mailing list (Mantel & Meredith 2012).


  1. The project Rutland is focusing on managing is in promoting the NJHF so as to get national recognition. This project was started as an endeavor to restoring the Paramount theatre that was in risk of being dilapidated and eventually used the theater as a performance center and theater. The main purpose of the project after its establishment was to save paramount; however, NJHF soon becomes the prime project. The project's overall goal has been consistent; however, after its implementation several changes have occurred. After the project had started, Mr. Rutland and the board of directors did find that the paramount project was unattainable. After the establishment of the Jazz hall of fame in Harlem, there were other changes that happened. The need to compete with the Harlem, Jazz hall of fame made Mr. Rutland to decide to develop a strategic plan to help in ensuring the success of NJHF. Therefore, a consultant was hired to conduct a market research and provide a recommendation that need to be considered.
  2. The stakeholders in the project include NJHF board of Directors, the founder of NJHF, Mr. Robert Rutland, founding sponsors of NHJF, the hired consultant by Mr. Rutland, city of Charlottesville, western Virginia Visitors Center, and Virginia Tourists. Some other stakeholders include the national association of jazz education, Harlem Jazz Hall of fame, the jazz community, other tourists near Charlottesville, and other American halls of fames.
  3. The skills that is most important for the project manager is skills in goal-setting, planning, and motivating. From NJHF case study, it is clear that there have been several failed attempts in creating the hall of fame by other parties (Mantel & Meredith 2012). Therefore, I believe that the project manager should have excellent planning, goal setting, and motivating skills to ensure that the project is successfully completed. It is necessary for the project manager to plan how the project will be conducted, allocate the duties accordingly, and ensure that the goal is one that can be achieved.
  4. Rutland has great credibility as he is a history professor in a Virginia University. With his background in history from a recognized university, I believe that Mr. Rutland understand the benefits of having the NJHF and ensuring that it achieves it goals. Mr. Rutland is a leader because he has been able to identify the problem that needs to be solved. He has also involved consultant so as to research and provide recommendations on what need to be done so as to resolve the problem.
  5. The cultures relevant in the project are the musicians and also people. The musicians and people are the main target groups in this project. The organization wants to make sure that people recognize the organization that is aimed at ensuring that it promotes Jazz music in the American culture and history. Project environment can be described as the surrounding in which the project is being undertaken. The project environment in this study is planned in a social, political, and economic environment. This is a project that includes various stakeholders with all of them being considered on how they impact the success of the project. The project environment is based on people, competitors, board of directors, consultants, tourists, etc.


Based on the recommendations that the consultants have provided, I believe the best option that Mr. Rutland should consider the recommendation of launching direct mail campaign. Launching this campaign should be considered because it shows that NJHF will be able to reach a breakeven point if 2 % of its audience contributes $ 25 to the project. The break even is normally reached when the total revenue matches the total cost. In this case the campaign would require approximately 25 000 to 30 000 dollars, therefore, with a contribution of 25 dollars from 2 % of the audience, the organization can be able to recover the cost invested in the campaign. Having a breakeven point is important because it helps the organization to plan on the levels of activities that it needs in order to be profitable. Therefore, it would be crucial for an organization to consider launching the direct mail campaign.

Lesson learned

Lesson learned from this practice is that having a good project manager is important in ensuring the success of the project. The project manager to be appointed should have skills in the project manager. A good project manager is one with confidence in the performance of the project. Confidence is essential in the management so as to make sure the decision made will be effective and support every team member in the process.  A confident person in his abilities in managing the project tends to have it easy in completing the work. A manager should have a better understanding of the problems and risk that they might face during the process and be prepared to deal with the issues.


Mantel, S & Meredith, J (2012). Project management John Wiley & Sons, Inc

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