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The procurement and distribution of client computers need to be conducted in a fashion that ensure optimal utilization of resources, and that minimizes conflicts within the organization (Vinothina, Sridaran & Ganapathi, 2012). The distribution plan needs to create a sense of fairness, as well as meet the demands of each department within the organization. This document presents a computer procurement and distribution plan for the organization.

Computer Procurement Plan and Distribution


Present Computer

Proposed Computer


Management and Administration

High-end computers

Mid-sized computer

The managers and their assistants mainly the computer for simple tasks such as word processing and accessing email and internet. They do not need very powerful computers.


Mid-sized computers

High-end computers

The engineers use demanding computer-aided design (CAD) programs. They need power computers that can support the use of these programs


Low-end computers

Mobile computers (tablets)

Sales reps are often in the field meeting potential and existing clients. They need computers that will enable them to access information from remote locations.

Customer Support

Low-end computers

Mid-sized computers

Customer support staff only use MS Office, email and database; hence, they do not need very powerful computers.


Mid-sized computers

Mid-sized computers

The accountants also use MS Office, email and an accounting application; hence, they do not need powerful computers.


High-end computers

Mid-sized computers

HR staff also use MS office, email and HR package; hence, do not need powerful computers.


Low-end computers

Mid-sized computers

Operation staff only needs computers for email, MS office and Internet. They do not need powerful computers.

The managers and their administration assistants, customer service staff, accountants and HR employees should each receive a mid-sized computer. These employees should be given computers is because they need continuous access to computers. However, these employees need the computers for simple tasks such as word processing, accessing emails and accessing the company’s database. Therefore, the employees do not need powerful computers. Assigning mid-sized computers will help these employees to perform their tasks effectively, as well as reduce the need to upgrade the computers when the tasks performed by these employees demand increased capacity. Assigning mid-sized computers to all these employees will also create a sense of fairness and equality within the organization. No employee will feel unappreciated because of being assigned low-end computers.

The engineers should receive high-end computers. The engineers use demanding computer-aided design (CAD) programs. The high-end computer will facilitate the use of these programs as they have increased capacity to process the tasks performed by these programs. These sales reps should receive mobile computers because they job responsibilities require them to move out of the organization premises.  Mobile computers such as tablets will enable the sales representatives to access email, MS Office, and the company’s database when they are in remote locations. This will facilitate the work of the sales representatives as they will not have to come to the organization’s premises in order to access, convey, or process information.  


Vonothina, V. Sridaran, R. & Ganapathi, P. (2012). A Survey on Resources Allocation Strategies in Cloud Computing. Journal of Advances Computer Science and Application. 3 (6), 9

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