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Metatheories of Childrearing Featured

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I consider children as blank slates and whose lives are shaped and molded by the events and interactions that he or she experiences in his early years. Therefore, children need to be exposed to positive events in order to acquire good habits and practices. Guardians need to rear children in an environment where they feel loved and where they can observe positive aspects. I believe that the best way to inculcate good behaviors in children is to be a good example to them. Parents should exhibit behaviors that they would like their children to emulate. Bad habits should be discouraged at the onset.  

My personal metatheories of childrearing have changed over the course of the study. I have learnt that child development take place in a series of stages. In each stage, children enhance their capacity to reason and perform tasks (Lally, Mangione & Greenwald, 2006). Development activities need to match the development stage of the child. The expectations of parents should be consistent with the development stage of the child.

Child development professionals need to learn about the metatheories that families have for their young children in order to minimize conflicts with their clients. An effective way of learning the metatheories of families is to spend time with family members. Child development professionals need to spend adequate time with families so as to understand the families’ point of view when it comes to childrearing. The professional should make certain that parents are actively involved in activities that take place in development center.

Knowledge of metatheories is important for various reasons. First, it enables the children development professional to minimize conflict between him and parents. This knowledge will enable the professional to understand why parents treat their children in certain ways. Knowledge of metatheories will also enable child development professional to assist parents to develop better childrearing practices.  


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