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Wk5 Discussion-

Hi Jane,

Once again, thank you for an enlightening response to the discussion prompt on workforce management systems. Workforce management, as a term, may seem ordinary and perhaps, not a vital area of quality management. However, it is one area that is vital to the attainment of success in any organization. The concept involves diverse and dynamic processes. For the reason of vitality, complexity, and dynamism of workforce management systems, the definition that you provide sets the foundation the understanding of the approaches to workforce management. Your definition derives from the Baldrige Award Criteria, which define workforce management to include processes that assess the capability and capability needs of the workforce, and building an environment conducive for high performance. In relation to the recommendations for approaches to workforce management, you cite and explain employee engagement surveys, health and safety programs, and performance management process (PMP). These processes are best-practice examples from the award-winning companies.  Without citing the details of your description of these processes, I would say that they are vital to any organization, in terms of effective management of the workforce. Thank you.

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