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Business Plan And Business Case

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Business plan and business case are perceived prospective of a business that are all focused on the business majorly the aims, targets and objectives of the business. Business cases are done to explore how a business is likely to operate and the stage it will involve in attaining its objectives. A business plan gives the future of a business or a business that has not started. The plan gives an order of how the business will achieve its targets (Mize, 2006). It gives extensive steps of a business lifetime. In the plan, a full business details are expressed in sub-sections. The sub-sections are further explained better on their functions. 


Business plan provides a map of directions the business will take in the market. The plan provides a mode of followed by entrepreneur to start a business and sustain it to maturity. The plan is important for a starting firm; the firm needs guidelines to enter the market and how to face the competitors and existing businesses. A plan is used as a tool of attracting potential financiers so it must have a comprehensive map to convince them (Vestal et al. 1988). The location is explained well to add more to the existing facts on the prospective of benefiting. While, a business case is used to in developing a business: it assists a firm to evaluate their existing strategies, what to improve on them, and where the firm has failed. Hence, a business plan is important in a starting firm as a business case is for a business in progress.

The business plan is applied on all business oriented undertakings, government plans, non-government organization, and private business. Case studies are carried out in many places in medicine, engineering, farming, learning, and the defense forces. Business plan and case studies can be practiced hand in hand to establish their relationship.

Business plan shows how the businesses will generate the capital. A business plan briefs how the money to be used is acquired and the funding the business is expecting. A plan explains the amount collected how is going to be used in operating the system (Cresswell et al. 2013). The start of business or company requires a lot of money before stability, therefore, the funding methods and expected funding organizations must be well represented and explain why you need funding from them. A business case sources out funds for; improving the firm, promoting the business and advertising a business. A case looks at the existing firm’s popularity and what needs to be streamlined to meet the expectations of the owners. In the case study it may look at what companies to partner with so that we can conquer the market. Usually the study must have cost value or some experimentation.

The business plan breaks down the business into departments going to be in operation, and their functions are well explained. This plan explains the role of every section and how sections are going to work towards the organizational goals (Li et al. 2014) Case study is divided into sections according to the layout to be looked. Cases evaluate how the existing sections are working and ensure recommendations reached at are well followed.

Business plan portraits the number of the needed human resources to start a business. The number of employees in every section is given and their duties in the company. Numbers provided can be changed in the future as a business may need. The number of employees is important as you will be requiring calculating the employee pay so that banks and other financial institution will know your efficiency and financial level.  Cases gives out the recommended number of employees a company need at that time. The business cases can suggest the employee number to be added or retrenched (Li et al. 2014). Case can be used to study effects of certain workers on certain environment. For instance, why many females are prone to injuries when operating machines? A case looks at the performance of the firm at a certain time and what needs to be done to control some situations.

A business plan gives the location of the firm. The firm situation is expressed on the business plan; a map guiding people to the firm is given. Directions are necessary as there may be people interested in the business and proximity to prospective customers. A case studies on future development of the company. The company expansion strategies can be derived from the case as; it provides the information on the present situation.

A business plan indicates the mission and the objectives of the firm. This part explains on how to achieve the expressed objectives and what techniques human power will embrace in meeting targets. The mission states how the vision is to be achieved as objectives give the path used to full fill the mission. A case on the other side suggests what can be added to the short term objectives. These objectives are used to control the situation. A case study in a business can come up with a new way of dealing with issues affecting the firm.

Differences of the business plan versus business cases. Table1.


Business plan

Business case

Time frame

A business plan has a lifetime frame as it contains the whole information of the firm

A business case it is a situational thing done to explore a certain action or certain undesirable results

Organizational objectives

Contains all details including, objectives, aims, and mission and vision of the company

Focuses on a specific issue to be investigated

Human resources

Indicates the number of people required to work.

After the study can suggest addition or retrenchment of other workers.

Division of the firm departments

It involves all the departments and their specialization.

It does not include department but features the areas under study

Location of the firm

Provides location, specific areas geographically and physical address.

States the section under study within the firm or outside the firm but an area affecting the system

Capital generation sources

It shows clearly the source of generating capital for the company.

It may suggest raising money for expansion or development.


Business plan has steps to be followed to attain a goal.

Business cases have actions to be taken in relation to the matter tackled.


Origin of the plan is an idea on starting a business or a project.

Cases originate from problems identified on the existing firm.


To start a business and future strategies.

 To solve existing issues.


The outcome is profits for profit based organization while others is smooth running of their operations

The solution to the project or an answer to the question asked.


The above table 1 shows the differences of a business plan as compared to a business case. The both have common characteristics as shown on the same table, but this commonality takes us to their differences.

The business case study has a layout used to achieve its purpose. The format you identify the area of study. In identify the problems or challenges to be investigated it ensures the real cause of certain situations in known. Layouts in certain internet sites can be used to guide you on writing the case (Jones et al. 2013). The cases are achieved through continuous exploring situations implied and assigning individuals to look for options. Projects require lots of care for them to reach maturity.

The details in a case study can be used to request for funding as the can represent an increase in certain values or a need to improve certain sections. The value of the case study should be analyzed before the start as this will determine if the problem exists or what should be done. The sections in a business case explore a certain action as a cause of action is recommended after a critical look at it. The format is well-structured as are used for projects. The projects starting need to be successive so they the portrait a good picture.


A business plan needs to be expansive information on the firm’s vision and be private and confidential to certain officers in the company. Companies in the world need experts to write for them plans for the future. The stage outlaid on the plan must be followed as it occasionally invites changes and recommendations. Business plan is the first stage to starting a business; the entrepreneurs must possess knowledge on how to write an applicable plan as some plans are inapplicable. Business lifetime cases must be studied to ensure sustainability (Tichy et al. 2014). The two forms of business reports work hand in hand on the business environment.


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