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The nursing profession is transforming, and nurses are taking leadership roles within their professions. In relation to transforming, nursing leadership priority should be given to the identification of the influence of nursing in the process of healthcare decision making, at all levels. The public has always perceived nurses as caregivers and not decision makers. It will be a challenging start to convince the stakeholders in healthcare, as well as the public that nurses can be involved in critical decision making exercises. It is beneficial to include nurses in the process of decision making because they are professional who interact the most with the patients (Dwyer, 2011). Nurses are thus aware of the complaints that patients air. Additionally, nurses are involved in patient care thus can provide effective suggestions that will result to the improvement of healthcare services.

 Articles 1 and 2 below highlight the importance of involving nurses in the process of decision making process. Nurses have the advantage of specializing in different healthcare fields. Their expertise and experience in the different areas of specialization (neonatal, maternal, ICU, cardiology) can be utilized in the process of decision making. Nurses can offer direction, in relation to changes and policy revision that different departments need to undertake to improve the delivery of healthcare services. There are many more researches that prove nurses are critical stakeholders when making decisions within healthcare facilities (Murphy, 2012). Continued research on this priority is vital as it will indicate the significant contribution that nurses provide to healthcare facilities.


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