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The Role of Government in the US Healthcare system Featured

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Healthcare in the United States has always been perceived as a privilege due to the high cost of accessing healthcare services. Americans who wanted to access quality healthcare services had to have insurance coverage or have the financial means to foot their medical bills. The high cost of healthcare meant that the majority of Americans could not afford quality healthcare services (Kovner, & Knickman, 2011). However, the introduction of affordable healthcare by Obama’s administration provided the public with a ray of hope. Affordable healthcare was introduced with the intentions of increasing the number of individuals who can access quality healthcare. The government must take control of the healthcare system and ascertain the public can access quality healthcare services. Additionally, the government should have effective strategies to ascertain it provides insurance coverage to the under-privileged within the society. America’s healthcare system must be managed by the government so as to reduce the risk of exploitation by the private sectors (Kovner, & Knickman, 2011). The government should, for instance, set caps, in relation to the cost of insurance premiums.

Additionally, the government should ascertain that health insurance companies do not lock-out citizens because of pre-existing conditions or because of their advanced age. Overall, the government should ascertain the equitable and fair access and use of healthcare services. Frank Robert (2013) from the New York Times wrote the article What Sweden can tell us about Obamacare. The article compares Obamacare with Sweden’s government-controlled healthcare systems. Amid the calls by US legislators to repeal Obamacare, the author calls for improvement of Obamacare as the long-term benefits would serve the public. The government can consider restructuring Obamacare to take the design of the Swedish healthcare system which is government controlled and has been effective, in serving the Swedish public.


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