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Walden University uses online learning to offer distance education. Students must embrace technology to enhance their online learning. A student must have internet access, personal computer or laptop for effective online learning to begin. Internet connectivity also enhances communication between the students and the instructor. The internet also allows students to have a platform to post queries and hold online discussions with their peers (Walden University). Online classes also enable the student to structure his classes, in a way that fits his schedule. For effective time management, the online students should rely on the technical support team who can help the student navigate through the online environment. The use of technical team is essential as will minimize time wastage, in case the student is struggling with different technical issues. Additionally, students must familiarize themselves with the syllabus, prior to the start of the course. With the familiarity, the student can establish a game plan thus excel in his studies.

A nurse, for instance, with a desire to further his studies can opt to take an online course because of his busy schedule. Walden University ascertains students enjoy a high level of flexibility, in relation to the student’s schedule. The students can use communication channels such as a phone, emails and online chats to communicate with the support team. Communication in online learning mainly refers to the relation between the students and the instructor (Rosenberg, 2000). Additionally, it refers to the relation among students. Effective communication is essential to enhance the learning exercise. Students can use technological applications such as chats, emails, video conferencing and audio tapes to communicate with their lecturers and their fellow students. Additionally technical requirements such as software can also enhance connectivity and communication.


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