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Professional Goals from Walden University

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Walden University’s mission and vision were determining factors when I was selecting the ideal university for my nursing career. Walden University has a mission that aims to create scholar-practitioners who strive for positive social change. Similarly, the university has a vision that indicates the university’s determination to create a 21st century learning community that enables students to handle critical societal challenges. From the vision and mission, it is evident that the university is future-oriented. The university strives to impact relevant knowledge among students so that they not only acquire academic qualifications, but they can make positive societal changes. The university’s mission and vision thus relate with my overall professional goal. Moreover, the school of nursing also has a mission and vision that is focused on transforming students into professionals who provide professional services at a local and global level. I strive to be a scholar-practitioner, in the future. I will participate in the provision of quality health services through research and experimental knowledge. I will also be involved in constant learning to establish solutions as well as effective ways to execute tasks. The nursing profession is changing with the role of nurses expanding every time. I believe that, at Walden University, I will get the best theoretical and practical exposure to make a positive society, in society. I expect to become a healthcare professional that will be beneficial to individuals across continents. At Walden University, I will acquire academic content that is relevant. I will also acquire skills in critical thinking and implementation of evidence-based practices: skills I can apply in my profession so as to bring positive transformation, in society.


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