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Question 5

Planning is part of the management that involves creating rules, procedures, and guidelines for achieving a particular objective. When planning it is essential to look at the entire business, its vision, objective, and value as this is what dictates the long term decision (Williams 2011). When working as a team leader, I had to plan on what was to be done in order to achieve the set objective. Therefore, a plan that I made so as the team members can follow was very was essential in ensuring the project was completed as planned. The members had to follow the strategic plan that we made so as to ensure that the project was completed on time.

When making the plan, I ensured that I considered all the needs of the members so as to make the plan flexible for everyone. What worked with the plan is that we were able to accomplish the project within the set time frame, and the resources were enough as planned. If I had improved the planning for the project, an improvement that I would make would be on the rules set that the members were supposed to follow. I would improve on the time for the members to report so as to ensure that there were no delays in regards to reporting time. Most members were upset by others reporting late; therefore, I would improve on how these members would report at the station.

Question 7

My perspective of what makes a leader effective is their ability to perceive to understand their follows. An effective leader should have an easy way and honest during communication with their follows. An effective leader is considered as a person with followers who are not afraid of him or her when around. Communicating with followers is essential for an effective leader so as to know what their followers think about what they are doing.

Leadership is a gift that can be developed with time, and anyone can learn to lead only if they have a passion for leading. Leadership is not a natural gift, and if an individual is not born with the gift, which does not mean the person cannot lead others. A leader is not born, but he has to have the traits, learn, and experience in order to lead through influencing others and convincing them to follow you. The biggest challenge for leaders is balancing people’s needs and those of the organization. This is a challenge because most leaders are better at one than the other and in order to be successful a leader should balance both duties (Williams 2011). The other challenge is maintaining focus because leaders normally have a lot of demands. Therefore, a good leader should know what is essential and choose what to focus on.

Question 8

Managers normally spend a lot of time in controlling so as to ensure that the tasks are completed as planned. The control mode is very essential to most managers so as to ensure that people complete tasks as required. A manager should not only focus on control because it is the objective of the manager to set objectives, organize, motivate, measure, and also develop people in order to achieve the set objective. Thus, if the manager only focuses on controlling, he will not motivate members to achieve the objective. Preliminary control or feed forward control is the best as it ensures that there are proper directions set and that there are correct resources available to ensure that it is achieved (Williams 2011).


Williams, C (2011). Effective management Cengage Learning

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