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Working at McDonald's: Summary

In the article, “Working at MacDonald’s” Amitai Etzioni argues that Macdonald-like establishment is not good part-time placement for students. He evaluates the value of these organizations to students and the benefits they accord to students. His argument against students working on these organizations is based on two main reasons.

First, Amitai argues that such jobs adversely affect academic performance by lowering school attendance and participation.  This is coupled by the fact that these jobs do not offer any relevant skills that can help students to acquire better jobs in the future.  He contends that the jobs are highly automated and promotes little innovation or creativity. Lack of creativity and innovation in these jobs is an appropriate for the developing minds of students. In addition, these part-time jobs consume time that could be used for school work.

The second argument is that these jobs alter a student’s value system. He argues that students become money-oriented and spend their money in unconstructive activities. Amatai contends that students attach more value to money or cash prices, a situation that may reduce their motivation.  He also notes that students start living lavish lifestyle unaware of probable future unemployment.

According to Amatia, economic activities such as roadside lemonade stands and newspapers provide better source of income and instill creativity and self-discipline. He offers insights to students and parents to prefer activities that only provide cash but also prepare a student for the challenges of the modern life.

He concludes that MacDonald-like businesses are not good opportunities for part-time students because they are not educational, misplaces students’ values and increases chances future employment.

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