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 What we're learning from 5,000 brains

Read Montague offers an insightful presentation of how the transformative technology of Functional MRI has revolutionized cognitive science and human interactions. He explores the valuation system (dopamine) that guides the interaction with people and gestures. He argues that the human have behavioral superpower in their brain that involve dopamine that makes humans deny instincts for survival. These valuation systems are used to evaluate interactions with other people and to assign values to gestures during interactions. Humans bring an enormous amount of processing that affects the dopamine.

Montague argues that these systems can be exploited biologically to explain human interactions. In a number of examples, Montage demonstrates how human interactions involve the transfer of images and signals across humans. Humans are carnelian, and they come to the table with sensitive that can exploit. Montage exploits these sensitivities among over 5000 people to develop patterns and mathematical models to understand human exchanges during interactions. Through data analysis of these individuals, Montage expects to understand how the brain system functions during human interactions. He concludes that the notion of how one is complex, and one does not understand who he or she is unless in an interaction with another person.

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