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Food Deserts and Health Food Options Featured

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Poor neighborhoods struggle to access healthy food options because they are expensive thus unaffordable to many families. People living in food deserts thrive on fast foods that are unhealthy. The government should strive to entice entrepreneurs to establish groceries and supermarkets, in food deserts. The government can offer the grocery shops and supermarkets tax- relief thus encourage interested individuals to open their stores, in the region. A rise in the number of supermarkets and groceries stores would lead to a rise in the number of people opting for healthy food options (Mulligna, & Whitacre, 2009). The stores and supermarkets will be within the neighborhood thus convenient and easy to access. The stores that are enjoying tax-relief will also be required to provide healthy food alternatives, at a reduced rate. A low cost on the healthy foods will ultimately encourage consumption. Additionally, the government should elicit the services of health workers who will educate the public on the importance of making proper food choices.

Critics may argue that the support offered to food deserts may be a financial burden to the taxpayer; however, according to the philosophy of virtue ethics, individuals should strive to be kind and generous. A generous society will be willing to assist individuals that are struggling to survive. Virtue ethics also advocates for people to drop bad habits (Mulligna, & Whitacre, 2009). Habits involving complaining when other people receive assistance are wrong. Complaints are wrong if the act results to the improvements of another person’s life. When communities in the food deserts access health food alternatives, they lead healthy lives as diseases associated with poor dietary intakes are reduced. In short the overall motive, of offering tax-relief is to ascertain the public can affect healthy food alternatives.


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