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Effective procurement of hospital supplies and drugs is guided and regulated by various national regulations. It is essential that any procurement process be guided by these standards as established by the law.

FDA regulations

 The food and Drug agency is mandated by the law to control the production and supply of drugs to ensure they are at par with national quality and clinical standards (Mascardo, Spading, & Abramowitz, 2012). Therefore, it is important for Well Being Hospital to ensure the identified supplier, Get Well Drug Inc., meets the necessary standards as outlined by FDA.  Therefore, it is critical to establish communication with Get Well Drug Inc., to ensure the company meets the necessary.

The procurement team in collaboration with the pharmacy department will initiate communicate with the company by sending an initial request for information to the company through email. The request of information will the types and number of medication the organization intend to buy.  Once the procurement has received reply to a request for information, they will request one-on-one meeting where the organization will seek more information about the organization.

In order to assure the identity, strength, purity and quality of drugs, FDA requires that pharmaceutical companies control their manufacturing operations. Therefore, the company needs to provide evidence for the compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPS) as outlined by FDA. In addition to meeting FDA requirements, Get Well Drugs Inc., completes the Request for Supplier Qualifications (RFSQ). The form ensures that the company has the right capabilities

Organization standards

It is the expectation of Well Being Hospital that Get Well Inc will be able to deliver products that meet its procurement and operation principles, which dictate that it, conduct a transparent procurement process. In addition, the organization expects that Get Well Drug Inc. Services will meet its objective of procuring the most cost-effective drugs in the right qualities, reliable supplier of high-quality products, and procurement and distribution system that will ensure timely and undisturbed deliveries (Gırgıner, Uçkun, & Erken Çelik, 2008). The organization will develop a list of products and drugs it intends to procure. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, will be engaged in developing the specifications and requirements of the organization in term of quality, standard and use. The list will be sent to the supplier. These specifications will also be used to assess the capacity of Get Well Inc in supplying the drugs. A comparative list of costs, effectiveness and terms of the contract will also be prepared and sent used for internal analysis of the benefits of purchasing from Get Well Inc.

The three documents will be used to evaluate the organization, and the results of the communication will be communicated to Get Well Drug Inc with the right quotation, prices, amount and delivery time. Upon confirmation, the leader of the procurement team will meet the company officials where the contract will be signed.  The chief pharmacists should liaise with the procurement departments and another relevant department to ensure the selected supplier meets national regulations, clinical standards, quality standards and offer competitive process.

Communication plan to staffs

It is critical to involve health care providers in the procurement process to ensure the organization receives and use the right drugs efficiently and effective or ensure any other change in drug protocol. Physicians and nurses are at the need of the procurement process because they are the prescribers. They will also be involved in the billing process. Therefore, it is critical to providing them with accurate information about not only the use, quality, quantity procured, but also the cost of various medications.  The communication plan will utilize existing communication channels and structures to avoid any disruptive event.

 The backbone of the communication plan is an effective internal communication strategy that will ensure information reach to all the affected individuals (Cheng-Min, & Bor-Wen, 2012). Therefore, all physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other stakeholders will receive mails. In addition, the information will be posted in a well-defined web portal for employees to facilitate effective communication between employees. The portal will be supported by periodic briefings to complete information of the happening employees. The new drugs may require training of staff. Therefore, the organization will organize regular training. The training will be conducted through web-seminars. The web-seminar will be supported by the production of brochures that will be distributed to various departments and internal memos that will be sent to various doctors and nurse managers.


Get Well Drug Inc provides several strategic advantages that make it the pharmaceutical supplier of choice. First, the company is recognized and certified by FDA as compliance to all the regulations pertaining to the trial, manufacture and sell of medications in USA. Get Well Inc. provides reliable delivery system that will meet organization’s need. The company has the potential to deliver medications in small batch and on order to ensure the hospital meet its need, given its small drug store capacity.  In addition, Get Well Inc provides competitive prices of drugs reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid. Therefore, it will accord the hospital cost-effectiveness. The geographical proximity of the pharmaceutical company to the hospital provides effective communication and delivery channel that overcome numerous communication and geographical barriers to the supply chain. 

One of the key disadvantages of Get Well Inc is the fact that the company has not been in the market for a long period. Lack of experience in the field, compared to other large organizations, may hinder its capacity to provide the services. However, a contingency plan has been established to cater for such eventualities.  In addition, the single-sourcing procurement procure used by the company may lock other competitive suppliers. However, the organization looks forward to healthy business relationship with Get Well Drug Inc.


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