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For any radio station, an important aspect is awareness of mission statements and brand values. There are various management styles necessary for a winning vision, team and leadership. The management of a radio station calls individuals to be creative especially when faced with the management of challenging processes and people with various viewpoints. Sometimes managers are also faced with the dilemma of how to multi-task various work processes (Martin, 2007). This essay presents the core concepts related to radio station management informed by relevant theoretical framework, and informed practice and research derived from management and business literature. It will discuss these viewed from the radio manager point of view.

The core value in radio station management

The relationships between the radio station and the listeners depend on mutual understanding on social attitudes and shared interests. Every leader dealing with marketing and production of services has to understand the underlying values of the radio station as well as how the radio station brands and markets its services (Martin, 2007). The values are to be integrated as part of management decisions such as the studio’s designing, logo designing, and selection of presenters and the choice of music. The core values can also determine the technical parameters such as the company vehicles choice and setting of transmitter processing. For instance, the sales team can use small trendy cars which are environmentally friendly to show the core value of the company in environment concern (Peel, and Ravenscroft, 2005).

Creative talent management

It is essential for a radio manager to hold monthly or weekly meeting with the presenters. The managers should also hold weekly meetings with the sales team. These meetings are essential for the managers to understand the aspects that motivate individual employees. It is also essential for the programme manager to understand the skills and qualities that make up a good presenter. In small size radio stations, radio presenters are required to do the best when left alone in a soundproof wall. For hours in their sessions, they have to talk the issue that affect the public and at the same time know that their content is subject to professional and widespread public scrutiny. The presenters also have to be personally motivated and work well within their circumstances (Keith, 2012).

Radio presenters have varied personal motivation depending on their personality. The radio managers have to understand the enormous several of aspirations and the conditions and terms which have to be employed to suit every presenter’s schedule. The manager has to ensure that the setting or the work station is desirable for all presenters such as studio chairs, headphones, air conditioned room among others. Most importantly meetings held with the presenters have to discuss important issues such as subjective and creative matters that are vital to have with their listeners (Hill and Jones 2009).

Individual motivation of sales teams and presenters do vary. Some can be motivated through financial rewards, others through positive remarks and others by other motivators. Abraham Maslow (1943) says that all people require safe and good working conditions and meaningful job that fulfils and create happiness. His hierarchy of needs displays the human needs from the least to a higher order level. The lower needs are the physical needs such as warmth, clothing, food and shelter. employees have to feel safe and needed free from fear. The higher order needs include social acceptance through support relations, self-esteem needs based on the need to belief in oneself and be recognized. The last is the issue of self-actualization which is the need to fulfill ones potential (Malow, 1943).

The lower needs have to be fulfilled first before proceeding top the next level of higher needs. It begins with psychological needs then the higher needs become important. Increasing the tasks carried out by an individual cannot be motivational. Also repetitive, dull, and stressfully tasks may weigh down and individual and be de-motivated. Herzberg (1966) argues out the lower needs are the hygiene factors that include supervision, working conditions and salaries. Other individuals focus on the motivation factors such as recognitions, development and growth, scope of achievement and challenging job (Herzberg, 1966). These are individuals who need job enrichment and have to be given increasing responsibilities and autonomy and encouraged to developed skills. Job enrichment is all about task that is reasonable, achievable and encourages the development of abilities and skills (Block, Housely, and Southwell, 2001).


Experienced program managers have to recognize the individual needs of their workforce and avoid holding group meetings with presenters. Instead, they should schedule regular personal or one to one meeting with individual presenters. He can provide coaching sessions which he can discuss with the individual presenters on how well to improve future programs. The program manager can motivate his presenters through providing positive feedback. constructive negative feedback get the positive response from listeners and co-workers and improved environment and facilities. They can be given promotions and rewards that link to success.


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