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Human personality is an essential aspect that plays an essential part in the overall wellbeing of human beings. There are numerous determinants of human personality. While some of these determinants are physiological, others are psychological. It is also vital to underline that some of the most pertinent determinants of human personality can be categorized as biological. In essence, the physical aspects or dimensions of human personality are visible. In contrast, the psychological aspects of human personality are not visible. These are essential platforms during the development of therapeutic interventions for distinctive complications associated with human personality. The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs provides an effective mechanism for evaluation of humanistic aspects or human personality. This analysis zeroes in on different perspectives of human personality. The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs will also be incorporated into the analysis.

The Influence of Growth Needs on Personality Formation

The Maslow’s hierarchy is comprised of numerous components. Each component plays a crucial part in the development of human personality. It is thus massively essential to evaluate the various ways in which personality formation is influenced by growth needs. Within the context of Maslow’s hierarchy, physiological needs are categorized as essential requirements for human survival. In essence, the physiological needs are tangible aspects of life (Myers, 2003). They include housing, food, and clothing. Within the contextual framework of Maslow’s hierarchy, physiological requirements are more or less mandatory for human survival. Based on this stipulation, it is vital to evaluate the influence of physiological needs on the development of human personality. These requirements can have a desirable or a negative influence on the development of human personality.

The availability of the distinctive physiological needs plays a pertinent part in the enhancement of human personality. However, the formation of desirable aspects of human personality is hampered by the absence of physiological needs. For instance, the inadequacy of food undermines the development of human beings, and hence their personality (Goble, 2004). The other major category of Maslow’s hierarchy involves safety requirements. According to this hierarchy, safety is an inherent need of all humans. It is thus pertinent to evaluate the linkage between security needs and personality formation. In view of the stipulations of this hierarchy, security needs are multidimensional. For instance, financial wellbeing is an essential determinant of human security.

 Inadequate income will hence undermine the development of desirable personality attributes among human beings. However, the availability of sufficient income promotes desirable attributes of human personality. Health is another aspect of security within the framework of Maslow’s hierarchy. Human health is associated with excellent personalities because an individual feels secure. In contrast, poor health conditions undermine the development of positive personalities. The other category of needs within the Maslow’s hierarchy comprises of love and belonging. While this component is not strongly prioritized within Maslow’s hierarchy, it is a pertinent requirement for human wellbeing. The absence of love undermines a person’s psychological wellbeing. This has undesirable outcomes on the formation of personality.

In contrast, the sense of belonging is strongly influential towards an excellent psychological wellbeing. This enhances the overall framework of personality formation. When a person has close friends, his personal wellbeing is strongly enhanced. This plays a vital part in terms of personality formation. Esteem is another vital category of human needs within the framework of Maslow’s hierarchy (James, 2007). This involves the respect accorded to a person from other people. Additionally, this category accentuates on the importance of self-esteem towards personal wellbeing. These are vital determinants of personality formation. Poor personalities are associated with minimal self-esteem. In contrast, excellent personalities are associated with exceptional self-esteem. These aspects accentuate the influence of g7rowth needs on the development of personality. Based on these stipulations, the Maslow’s hierarchy is an excellent platform for evaluation of distinctive personalities.

Biological Factors influencing Formation of Personality

The formation or development of personality is strongly dependent on numerous factors. While some of these factors are psychological, others are physiological. Additionally, some of the most influential factors can fall into the framework of biological factors. Genetics are essential biological factors that influence the development of personality. Numerous traits of personality are heritable. In essence, such traits are passed on from parents to their kids. For instance, high temperament is a heritable trait among human beings (Goble, 2004). This is a pertinent aspect of human personality. This trait can be manifested across most members of the same family because of genetic influence. In addition to genetics, health is another vital biological factor of human personality.

The health of human beings is strongly influenced by numerous biological factors. For instance, the immune system has an inherent part to play in terms of human health. The other crucial dimension of biological factors involves numerous body functions such as mental health and circulatory systems. Mental health is a pertinent biological aspect of human personality (James, 2007). The personality of people is strongly affected by their respective mental wellbeing. These dimensions underline the significance of biological factors to the development of personality.  

Relationship between Biological Factors and Maslow’s Theory of Personality

The Maslow’s theory of personality is strongly influenced by numerous biological factors. In essence, Maslow’s theory is based on the various dimensions or frameworks of human needs. These dimensions are inherently associated with distinctive biological factors (Myers, 2003). According to Maslow’s framework of needs, the categories of psychological and physiological aspects are evident. Based on this categorization, the psychological aspects are strongly influenced by biological factors. For instance, self-esteem is a vital aspect of Maslow’s theory of personality. The enhancement of self-esteem is massively influenced by biological factors. In addition to self-esteem, health is categorized as a pertinent aspect of security needs of humans. The attainment of health is massively dependent on the f6rameowrk of numerous biological factors such as the immune system (James, 2007). Based on these aspects, Maslow’s theory is strongly influenced by distinctive biological factors.

Humanistic Theory

Humanistic theory has been employed to explain human behavior and also in the framework of psychoanalysis. However, some fundamental tenets of humanistic theory are more or less incompatible with distinctive biological explanations of personality. The humanistic theory accentuates on the role of choice within the context of human personality. This aspect is highly incompatible with any biological explanation (Goble, 2004). This theory is also based on the presumption that human beings are innately good. Such a proposition cannot be aligned to any biological explanation. This theory also stipulates how deviations cause distinctiveness across the framework of human personality. This aspect accentuates the incompatibility of various tenets of humanistic theory towards biological explanations.


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