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Recommendation 4 aims to increase the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80% by 2020. Currently, I am part of the nursing students on the way to meeting this target. I am undertaking a baccalaureate degree in nursing, and upon graduation, I will be part if the nurse proportion with a baccalaureate degree. Recommendation 5 aims to double the number of nurses with a doctorate by 2020. I anticipate furthering my schooling by undertaking a master degree and later a doctorate. I know I will have completed my doctorate by 2020 thus contributing to the rise in the number of nurses with a doctorate. I also fit in recommendation 6 in as I will engage in life-long learning. Nursing has evolved beyond the basic tasks of providing patient care. Nurses are now taking leadership and managerial roles in different healthcare settings. Leadership and managerial roles can be acquired if nurses engage in lifelong learning processes.  I intend to study beyond the baccalaureate degree I am currently taking. I intend to take a managerial nursing profession in future and to achieve this career goal I have to keep studying.  When I finish my baccalaureate degree and get a job, I will ensure I get on-the job training.  Nursing is a profession that requires training that goes beyond the books. I intend to work, with other experienced nurses to improve my skills. I also intend to get further hands-on training throughout my studies to doctorate level. 

Currently, with my Baccalaureate degree, I become a qualified nurse. However, I will be a general nurse. I will, however, have the opportunity to specialize in nursing careers such as midwifery, or paramedics. Alternatively, I will have the chance to specialize in teaching if I desire to become a teacher. I will be involved in teaching students nurses. Alternatively, I can divert from the nursing specialties and become a counselor or a social worker. The baccalaureate degree will prepare me for my interest of specialization.

Increasing my level of education will boost my ability to compete in the job market.  For instance, I can specialize in a specific field of nursing e.g. pediatric or surgical unit.  Specialization is vital in nursing as it gives a general nurse an opportunity to venture to an area that she loves. Specialization opens additional job opportunities. It also reduces competition in the selected career path.  Additionally, additional education will guarantee my ability to provide patients with quality healthcare services.  This is because increased education also increases experience and knowledge. Alternatively, I can opt for a nursing course that focuses on nursing management.  With qualification in nursing management, I will get a job that involves supervision and management of my nurse colleagues. I will also be involved in policy making concerning improving the working environment of nurses. I will have the necessary qualifications to pursue other job professions. Additionally, during a selection process, I will be given special consideration over my peers with RN and bachelor of nursing qualifications.

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