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Enterprise Wide Systems

Enterprise wide systems involve extensive platforms of information systems for the different departments within an organization. Such systems are extremely technical and highly intensive than departmental systems. While the enterprise wide systems are implemented across numerous departments, the departmental systems are developed for only one department.  There are numerous differences within the framework of implementing an enterprise wide system and a single departmental system (Bates & Cohen, 2001). The resource requirements for an enterprise wide system are massively extensive. In contrast, the resource requirements for single departmental systems are minimal. The differences can also be evaluated in terms of planning. There are minimal requirements for planning for the implementation of a departmental enterprise system. However, extensive planning requirements are vital for an enterprise wide system.

Benefits of the Different Systems to a Department

Both the single systems and enterprise wide systems are immensely crucial to departments. They cater for the management of information and database systems. Additionally, both systems are associated with an excellent level of operational efficiency. Such mechanisms accentuate the significance of both information systems on the entire hospital (Hanson, 2006). The enterprise wide system might not have some components required for some operational requirements within a given department. Based on such an aspect, the single system provides a framework for addressing the deficiency. These aspects emphasize how departments are boosted by each system.

Importance of Systems Working Together

It is massively crucial for the departmental and enterprise wide systems to work together. This is an essential platform for operational consistency. While both systems have distinctive components, they contribute towards overall operational efficiency of an organization (Hanson, 2006). They must hence be strongly aligned to each other. From another outlook, the efficiency of both systems promotes the overall framework of cost efficiency within the organization. The modern health care organizations are strongly dependent on the minimization of costs.

Recommendations for Implementation

The implementation framework must be strongly aligned to the various aspects of organizational requirements. The requirements of one department are distinctive from the operational requirements of another department (Smart Cities, 2010). This aspect accentuates the significance of aligning the implementation framework towards the various organizational requirements (Bates & Cohen, 2001). Another crucial recommendation for implementation is the issue of resource management. It is vitally essential to develop a framework that distributes resources towards both the enterprise wide system and the departmental systems. This approach is vital in terms of consistency within the framework of implementation.


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