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Critique of Journal Article: Matthew's Narrative Christology: Three Stories by Boring, M. Featured

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  1. Eugene Boring is a professor at Brite Divinity School who deals with Emeritus of New Testament. In his writings, Boring targets the Christian community as the audience where his goal is to discuss and examine the concept of Matthew’s Christology as theocentric. This presents God manifestation presence in the life of Jesus. The author goes ahead to prove how the Matthew’s Christology has been established based on three narratives. Although the author of this article hasn’t subscribed his arguments towards any story, he thinks that the ecclesiology, ethics, and eschatology of Jesus are intertwined.


Boring starts his writing by highlighting that Jesus was sent by God, to act as the promised Messiah. In the article, the author mentions how Matthew as applied three of the stories in order to bridge the gap that exists between the story of Matthew actually composed and the viewers’ understanding of the Matthew’s Christology plus the understanding of Matthew on Jesus. Mark came before Matthew, and he was a strong communicator or expositor towards the faith of Christian. In Mark’s narration, he focused on the issue of Jesus death and resurrection. For the case of Matthew, he focused on the saving work that Jesus had towards the earth. Mark also had a focus on the roles and titles that Jesus had and his narration, he managed to portray on how Jesus went through suffering, died, and rose. Since the Gospel of Mark was viewed as authoritative, Matthew used it in his writings by integrating its concepts with tradition knowledge.

Boring’s intention in this writing is to point to the reader on the three stories that talks about Jesus. It is true that Matthew’s narrative of Jesus is vital in the article, but boring also wants the reader to have knowledge about how other narratives such as that of Mark interpret the concept of Christology as well as how Matthew understands the life of Jesus. It is with no doubt that the author uses most of the names that Matthew uses in referring to Jesus. The approach of Matthew according to the author shows signs of pluralism where it subject Jesus to a number of titles.

The author further discusses on how Matthew applies his many titles to refer Jesus and the implications how these titles were important than the other. Jesus according to Matthew engaged in a number of works that had significant in human life and he functioned in different offices. Matthew doesn’t give a clear title or a preferred name that Jesus should have used.

Boring arguments shows that Matthew’s approach had some facts because it began with the birth of Jesus and ends with reappearing of Jesus after the resurrection. For Matthew was not present during the birth of Jesus he felt that the resurrection of Jesus gave the clear Christological manifestation and the evidence so as to prove that He was indeed the Son of God., Based on Matthew, the resurrection of Jesus marked the beginning and not the end of things.


In summing up, the article by Boring was suitable for the target population because it achieved its expectations about Jesus life. Matthew is the Gospel to use while understanding the issue of Jesus as the Emmanuel and the presence of a heavenly being which is coming to operate through the human approach.


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