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In a world where businesses use IT, it is with no doubt that IT is no longer a strategic resource. IT should no longer be treated as a business strategic resource because technology has grown and developed in an extensive manner. Scarcity of a resource makes the company resource a truly strategic that should be focused and based on the availability of IT resource in the current times, businesses should not consider IT as a resource that it should put focus. Evidence shows that the greatest and latest form of IT is expensive. The best time to adopt IT in a business is when the cost is down because the firm or organization will still meet its goals and objectives. A business should focus on its current IT system in order to be effective and efficient in its operations. This will lower the cost of business operations in relation to IT activities, (Carr, 2003).

  • IT is currently available thus it should not be treated like a strategic resource for an organization.
  • Not all firms use the same type of resources in their production thus IT should not be a key factor in determining what to focus most.
  • A business should focus on other competitive strategies and use its current IT effectively in order to reduce the cost of IT operations.
  • IT is one of the many business resources thus an organization should not fully concentrate on one area and forget about other resources.
  • Combination of IT and other business resources should be focused so as to achieve set goals and strategies of an organization.


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