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Power Protein and Real Food Protein Featured

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Power Protein and Real Food Protein

The Khali muscle protein advert shows a group of body builders discussing their love for protein as they drink down their protein shakes. Each of the body builders vows they love for protein. However, watching from a distance are two men enjoying their protein snack as well.  The difference is that the two men are enjoying real food protein comprising of tender chicken, guacamole and corn sauce.  At the end of the 37 seconds clip, viewers are no doubt left with several pointers in mind.  First, there is the obvious indicator that protein is very important.  Second, there is the realization that there are alternatives to accessing the protein.  There is the common protein shake that the body builders are drinking and there is the real protein that can be consumed directly from high-protein foods.

As the advertisement indicates, proteins are indeed important for the effective functioning o the body.  Proteins enhance metabolic activism in the body.  Moreover, every cell of the body requires protein for effective functioning.  Proteins are also critical for the building of muscle mass as evident in the advertisement.  The question, therefore, remains is it better to take protein shakes or real protein foods.  Real-protein foods comprise of all natural foods that individuals can access from their foods.  In the advertisements, there are two men enjoying a taco bell that is rich in protein. The taco bell contains protein as it comprises of real chicken.  Other natural sources of protein include fish, beef, eggs and raw dairy products.  The secret to eating real food protein is ensuring that the food is organic. Organic foods are foods that are natural such as beef from grass-fed cows, and eggs and poultry from organic and age-free chicken.

 The alternative to real protein foods is protein supplements such as protein shakes.  Proteins shakes have become popular and are the ideal choice for athletes, body builders and people going to the gym. Protein shakes have become common because of the convenience hey provide.  Unlike real protein that has to be cooked, protein shakes are easy to prepare within the shortest time.  Most of the shakes come in powder form and only requires the user to mix the powder with water to get the final product.  Protein shakes are also preferred because they are absorbed quickly into the muscles.  The real protein food has to be chewed and digested before the amino acids are transported to the muscle.

  In contrast, protein shakes to get to the muscle within thirty minutes. In the advertisement, the group taking the protein shakes has huge muscles evidence that their protein shakes are effective.  In contrast, the two men eating the real protein are average sized. Therefore, for a person wishing to develop muscle, the protein shake would offer the fastest results. Protein shakes also have little to no calorie and fat content.  In the advertisements, the two men enjoying their taco are also eating starch from the wrapping of the taco as well as fat from the guacamole.  However, the body builders may be consuming the right amount of protein, but they could be missing out on essential fats and fiber.

 The video fails in passing any relevant information on the consumption of real protein over protein shakes. The body builders stand out for the most part of the advertisement, and the advertisement for the real protein in taco takes a few seconds.  In fact, it is easy for any viewer to assume that the video is about body building.  It is only that the body builder's persistently repeated the word “protein” that viewers realize that it is an advert about protein and not fitness.  It is also at the end of the advertisements that the issue of protein is explained further with the revelation that the first group is taking milkshakes while the second group is taking real protein foods.  The decision to take protein shakes over real protein foods is a personal decision.  However, it is best that an individual consumes natural protein and use the milkshakes as a booster after rigorous activity such as the gym. Protein shakes provide drinkers with the immediate protein they need.  However, the body needs more than just protein for optimal performance.  The body needs carbohydrate, vitamins and essential fats for optimal functioning.  Protein shakes can, therefore, just serve as supplements when an extra boost I needed and not a total replacement of the natural proteins as found in animal and dairy products.  Unfortunately, the video does a poor job of convincing viewers that natural protein is the best alternative.  For instance, the portrayal of all-muscled men can leave viewers wondering if milkshakes guarantee muscle build.  Similarly, not everyone wants to have bulgy muscles like those in the advertisements.  On the other hand, the taco bell may leave viewers wondering if the emphasis was on the taco or the all natural protein.  An advert showing a person eating a whole chicken would make sense for an all natural protein than a taco that has calories, salt, and fats that health fanatics strive to avoid.

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