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Apple TV (2015) and Google Android TV Featured

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  June 16 2017

Analysis Essay


Apple TV (2015) and Google Android TV

                             This analytical essay compared the Apple TV and Google Android TV which are part of the busy market of television streaming devices. This analytical essay of Android TV versus Apple TV discusses their features, streaming services, and features of these devices. The Apple TV first started in 2007 when Apple decided to launch the Apple TV as a much easier way of shifting content from iTunes library to the TV device. Since then Apple has undertaken several revisions as well as refinements to now offering a comprehensive media streaming service. On the other hand, Android TV is a product of Google introduced recently accompanied by the upcoming operating system, known as Android L. Android TV is the successor of Google TV which was the first attempt by Google to include internet smart as part of televisions. Recently Google introduced the device called the Chromecast, which is a dongle of HDMI that can stream YouTube videos and other service providers.

                             The future of Apple TV has always been a subject of discussion mainly with the introduction of a new one. The Apple TV (2015) is real regarding its beauty and ability to transform how one uses his or her living room. The new gaming and stream box from Apple could be one of the last boxes to install into your home of entertainment. The Apple TV is much heavier and taller compared to its old version. It is noticeable for it stands as 35 mm high with 12mmm taller compare to the Apple TV of the third generations. It is 153g heavier than the old Apple reaching a scale of 425g.

                              Apple TV of the fourth generation has a dual-core processor of A8, 2GB of RAM, with either 64 or 32 GB storage and also has an HDMI port of 1.4. The modern Apple TV can be connected to a local wireless network or television, thus, making it easy to stream MAC content to the television through the Airplay.  It shows that Apple TV is not just limited to iTunes. Apple TV can stream just any aspect of your Mac as well as provide a whole display.

                             Apple TV enables streaming the content directly from any iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone. The Apple TV has several Apps that enables one top stream direct content from iPad or iPhone App to the TV such as the BBC iPlayer. Games can also use the Apple TV to display actions while the controls are displayed on the iOS device. Other inbuilt apps of the Apple TV can work with video services such as YouTube, SKY News, Sky Sports and Netflix.

                              The Google Android TV is an attempt by Google to compete with Apple TV. It is a set-top box with enhanced Television features that support online browsing and YouTube. Google TV is markedly devices that come with a remote keyboard and not a remote control just like other regular TVs. The Android TV is an aspect of the upcoming Android L software update that enables developers to establish apps for TVs. The Android TV just like the Apple TV is an entertainment interface, but it is not a computing platform. Android TV is also simpler than Apple TV but still, offers a magical experience. It meant to enable users to enjoy and find apps and connect with the least hassle and friction.

                              Android TV also features a small remote control like that of Apple TV that enables users to navigate through the interface and avoid users from having input any text manually. Instead, Google aims to make users use the voice interfaces when they have to input text. Thus the addition of voice interaction is an element not found in Apple TV. Apple TV is one of the most comprehensive devices, but it still has its shortcomings when compared to iOS devices like pad and iPhone. The most noticeable omission with Apple TV is the ability to install and download apps.

                             When one considers Chromecast to offer the same functions as Airplay, then Android TV provides the other half of the experience of Apple TV which is apps that enable the streaming of content direct from supporting devices. The performance regarding quality depends on the hardware Google and its partners. The biggest challenge facing Chromecast and Apple TV is the wide range of other devices... the one advantage that Android TV has over the Apple TV is that Apple controls the app development on Apple TV while Google is opening up its Android TV to a larger developer community. Such as step has the possibility of resulting to a raft of apps for Android TV such as the BBC player native app. that is not supported directly in Apple TV although the support of Airplay is still perfectly efficient.


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